Sex, Religion, and Politics

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 @ 4:24 pm | Other

I know these are three things you aren’t supposed to talk about in polite company (and 12 step programs), but I have a point to make.

My own personal politics usually fall somewhere to the left of Karl Marx… except that I don’t believe communism or socialism are viable systems because, as sad as it makes me to say it, human beings seem to require direct personal incentives to thrive. Therefore, I am a capitalist. A bleeding heart capitalist who believes that unbridled capitalism can be dangerous.

Which is why it makes me angry to see the concerted effort of the studios to punish or destroy smaller companies that have dared to compete with them and who have dared to actually follow the market.

I believe that consumers should dictate what something is worth. And if customers want to stream as many movies and TV shows as they can for $9 a month, or if they say that movie rentals should be $1 per night, and if they believe that DVDs should cost $10, then that is the price.

Artificially inflating prices by manipulating the market, or trying to punish successful competitors isn’t the type of capitalism I believe in.

The studios and networks should do what small companies (like ours, for instance) have to do when paradigms shift: Find a way to work within the new system.

Media companies that can’t adapt to change are destined to find themselves in the same position as the record labels. And the communists. Irrelevant.

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    3 Responses to “Sex, Religion, and Politics”

    1. Keith Makenas Says:

      If dvd prices and rentals go up my family will have less to eat, but seriously I agree with you and fight the power.

    2. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Human incentive: You must work so many hours a week (in which ever area you are best suited, be it agriculture, medicine or teaching) as payment for housing/rent and food.

      You’d pay for stuff by the hours of work you put in (and it would be less than 10 a week, you wouldn’t be living to work like the system is having you do now) instead of money, and then EVERYONE (yes, even the currently uber rich who just sit on their ass’es and gain interest at the cost other poorer people) in order to live the good life.

      Simple :-)

      I think rentals should be $/£1 per night also. Who the hell wants it for 3? You rent it when you wanna see it and take it back the next day. Better yet, say $/£2 per rental but have it only be $/£1 if brought back the same day (incentive to save and another chance for the rental place to earn money from it the same day).

    3. Matthew Mosley Says:

      WAIT A MINUTE!!! You suckered me in with “Sex” in the title then made me shift to politics. How dare you?

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