Sex, Religion, And Politics (Part 2)

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 @ 12:14 pm | Headline, News, Other

I’ve noticed from comments here and other sites that some of our hard core fans don’t understand why we make so many sexy comedies like BARELY LEGAL (pictured).

I can explain it with two words.

The first word is “Relief.”

After making three or four giant seafood/end-of-the-world/alien invasion films in a row we are bleeding cash and our visual effects team is ready to kill us. Sexy comedies (and horror films) are inexpensive and don’t require name actors and the monsters that eat them, so we all get a break and a chance to save money.

Speaking of which… the other word is “Profit.”

When we make a movie we generally shoot for profits of around 20%, but with some of our sexy comedies the margins can be 50% or even higher.  

With returns like those, I sometimes think we should fire everyone in VFX and do nothing but sexy comedies.

But then I remember all of those guns.

I’m kidding, Inmates, we’re never going to stop making  huge reptile/apocalyptic/doomed mass-transit films… Because 20% profit on a film that costs $1 million is still better than 100% on one that cost $100,000.

And you thought one of the words was going to be “Boobies…”

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    11 Responses to “Sex, Religion, And Politics (Part 2)”

    1. Matthew Mosley Says:

      I love sex comedies – SEX POT was a good watch (and man did I lose count of how many boobs were in it FAST)

      So does that mean you’re more open to sex comedies than mockbusters when it comes to pitches?

    2. Mike Says:

      “That’s a terrible word to use – ‘Boobies’”

      Seriously, where are the adults who grew up on 80′s sexy comedies going to get their fix? Besides, what you couldn’t do in those PG-13 ‘coming of age” comedies (Boobies!), we get in abundance now!

      I mean, would you have WANTED to see Kelly LeBrock do a full frontal in WIERD SCIENCE? Or some chest action from Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy in The BREAKFAST CLUB? (now, before you start screaming “Pedophile!” Ringwald was 18 and Sheedy was 23 at the time of filming!)

      BRING ON THE SEXY COMEDIES! Give us more MILF, or The 18-year-OLD VIRGIN! We’re old enough for the hard stuff!

      Just don’t do any more musicals….

    3. Maarten Says:

      I have one word for you: RESTECP! :)

    4. Doug Higley Says:

      Mike asks: “I mean, would you have WANTED to see Kelly LeBrock do a full frontal in WIERD SCIENCE?”

      It might have changed my life. I hooked up with a look-alike just to satisfy my curiosity. :-)

    5. Scotch Says:

      Good stuff, m’man! I’m looking forward to this one. #1 Cheerleader Camp and MILF were both quite good! Keep it up…but I’m still looking forward to those giant monsters as well!

    6. Matthew Mosley Says:

      I prefer slashers and sex comedies to big monster beasties so bring them on :)

    7. Mac Says:

      I’m still hoping you might make the ultimate combo sex comedy/giant creature feature….

      Ever heard of H.G. Well’s “Food of the Gods”?

      It starts out with supersized creatures, and then involves giant-sized teens preparing to wage war on humanity…

      Give that a comedic twist and you can see the possibilities?

      Village of the Giants was filmed back in the 60′s and was based on it, and I really hope you might do a better, more sexy retelling of that!

    8. Asi Says:

      You actually have 1 million $ US to throw at these things? Amazing. CGI must be really cheap.


      Have fun making those “Cyborg vampyre ninja vs. Giant radioactive Sea Urchin” movies. Sounds like good stuff. Boobies or no boobies.

    9. boobielicious Says:

      I just read: Blablabla…boobies :) YAY !

    10. boobielicious Says:

      Oh and one more thing: Your hardcore fans DO understand why you make these Sex-Commedies…in fact we love you for them. But we DON’T understand why u piss us off with movies about little girls and their frickin ponies ? Whats up with that shit. Make a subdevision (Children-Asylum) cause when I see Asylum I want to see Giant Monsters and/or Boobies !

    11. Dusko Says:

      Everyone at Asylum rocks! Love your style and no-nonsense attitude. I really appreciate the straightforward film production commentary on your website and your thoughts on profitability. No cash, no movies….No distribution, no cash…Best of luck!

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