With Gratitude to Major Gal

Monday, April 25th, 2011 @ 12:16 pm | Headline, News, Releases

The electronic press has been going wild with coverage of the ALMIGHTY THORĀ trailer:

Geek Tyrant

Dread Central


Film School Rejects

The Movie Blog


I think the Uzi is this year’s airplane eating shark…

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    8 Responses to “With Gratitude to Major Gal”

    1. Tommy Says:

      I had a friend, who is also a comic geek, mock the uzi…fact is fact, one of the coolest moments ever in a Thor comic book is when Skurge the Executioner battles the hordes of Hell with a machine gun. The uzi’s not a big deal, people are just being silly.

    2. Mike Says:

      Still, Thor with an Uzi will be The Asylum’s WTF?? moment this year!

    3. Nuthousecartoons Says:

      Unrelated topic. I just got done watching your movie Sherlock Homes on showtime extreme. I first thing I was thinking was wow asylum movie on showtime! But then something weirder happened that relay made me shocked. I pressed info button and the movie was given 3 stars out of 4! At first I thought it was a mistake, maybe meaning to show the Robert Jr. and accidentally showing yours but that was not the case because I read the description and it was describing your version of the movie. So congratulations on being on showtime and for the 3 stars! Please write a response! I relay want to know what you guys think. And if you knew or not:)

    4. Paul Says:

      A few more nice stories:




    5. Andrei Says:

      Asylum is a bunch of LEECHES. That’s all. Trying to take advantage of a movie that’s well advertised just to get a few bucks yourselves.

      “Movies” made by you guys will never get over 3 on IMDb. Even if you beg a lot of people for reviews and ratings, like you did in the past. Or by making multiple accounts to rate your own pieces of garbage (also done in the past).

      Don’t fool yourselves, you can get even lower.. so it’s best you call it quits and move on to some other jobs, like janitors.


    6. Chris aka Guestar Says:

      Umm,ANDREI,If that’s your reel name…S*CK IT !

    7. Andrei Says:

      Your mother is a freaking cow Chris. I don’t know if you work for these janitors, but the idiots even got sued by 20th Century Fox for copying their work and idea.

      Aliens vs Hunter. Striking resemblance with Aliens vs Predators. The Day the Earth Stopped. Striking resemblance with The Day the Earth Stood Still. Battle for Los Angeles? Um.. Battle: Los Angeles.

      You leeches should be put to death.

    8. trololol Says:

      Please stop this shit….stop make movies…really…you can also copy another film…worst movie company ever…

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