No Competition

Friday, May 6th, 2011 @ 4:32 pm | Headline, News, Releases

 A couple of you may have heard that another Hollywood studio is releasing a movie this weekend based loosely on Norse mythology.

And you might think from reading stories like this one that the two films are somehow in competition.

We actually hope that the Paramount film kicks ass!

You see, we have discovered that when the big budget film we’re drafting on is a hit, our Mockbuster is also a hit (on a much more modest scale of course), and, conversely, when the studio version bombs, ours usually does too.

So we wish Thor the best of luck and hope it has the same success in North America that it did in the rest of the world.

Of course, we also hope you’ll stay home on Saturday night and watch ALMIGHTY THOR on Syfy.

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    15 Responses to “No Competition”

    1. Mike Says:

      I’m going tomorrow, and I’ll be watching SyFy tomorrow night, then i’ll do my head-to-head comparison.

      Always a good time!

    2. Rick Says:

      I just saw ‘Thor’ today; sadly I probably won’t be able to watch ‘Almighty Thor’ till it’s rerun cause I have work tomorrow night.

      Random question: why is there no ‘Transmorphers 3′ coming out this summer? It’s the biggest disappointment of the season :(

    3. Acrobatic Flea Says:

      Being in England, I was lucky enough to see ‘Thor’ the other week (and loved it!), now I can’t wait to see ‘Almighty Thor’… any idea when it’s come to SyFy or DVD over here?

    4. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Yeah THOR was out over here in the U.K nearly 2 weeks ago and it’s ace, bring on THE AVENGERS.

      Are The Asylum going to do an Avengers …… take? (“The Revengers” maybe? Mr. America, Metal Man and The Amazing Hulk maybe?)

    5. GIVE ME MONEY Says:

      Could you guys give me around eight dollars, I have an idea for a movie! I’m calling it “Green Flashlight,” and it’s about this guy with a green flashlight. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it fits in with your other movies, I’ll make it really really boring.

    6. Adam Koetters Says:

      Cody Deal will be at an acquaintance of mine’s convention in St.Louis June 24-26 called Contamination. I was wondering if he will be selling some of your dvds at his table? If you are interested in talking to the owners of the convention you can reach them at

    7. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Come on Asylum we need another superhero movie from you – Spider-Man is rebooting nad today they made it official that the lizard is the villain.

      let me write you a mockbuster, hell, just tell me show you a 2-page treatment for act one

      PLEEEEEAAASE. I’m produced :) (click my name for proof)

    8. Ran Manley Says:

      Who’s wang did you all have to suck to get the green light to go ahead and make this steaming pile of monkey shit? I’ve seen tawainese pornos better acted, better directed and with better scripts. The world is a darker, colder place because this “movie” was made. Shame on you all. May Thor come down from Asguard and smite you with his mighty uzi.

    9. Bobby Says:

      Saw “Thor” over the weekend. It was lots of fun! Bought “The Almighty Thor” today and just finished! It was one of your best in a while! I have been hoping for a superhero flick from you guys for awhile. It did not disappoint!

    10. boobielicious Says:

      To the guys who already saw the movie: Does it feature some allmighty (female-) boobs ? I guess not since its the SciFi/TV Shit. You Asylum Guys could make a DVD Version with Nudity and a non Nudity TV Version…so everybody would be happy and i could rent/buy me some Hammer-Boobies :)

    11. THE_CHULK Says:

      Hi People from The Asylum:

      Greetings from Mexico!. I accept, some of your movies are one of my guilty pleasures. Recently, I’ve bought and added a few of your titles (around 28 or 29, all are mexican editions), including Dragon, War of the Worlds 1 and 2, Transmorphers 1 and 2, 18-Year-Old Virgin, Sherlock Holmes, Monster, Princess of Mars, and more. Sometimes, I collaborate in a called Héroes de Papel (Paper Heroes), dedicated to comic books, movies, television and science-fiction, which is published by the Sunday supplement of a newspaper in my hometown, Mexicali. I mentioned briefly Almighty Thor in an article about Thor that I wrote last Sunday. You can read it (in spanish, exactly at the end of the second paragraph) in my personal blog on MySpace:

      Good Luck and Goodbye!.

      Your Friend,

      Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

    12. Ilikerealmoviestudios Says:

      “Could you guys give me around eight dollars, I have an idea for a movie! I’m calling it “Green Flashlight,” and it’s about this guy with a green flashlight. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it fits in with your other movies, I’ll make it really really boring.”

      That really cracked me up! The Asylum is a collection of producers and directors that just couldn’t make it.

    13. brian Says:

      your company is a joke! seriously? do you rip off anything that hits the theatres? titanic 2? transmorphers? you guys need a reality check..absolutely disgraceful i hope your company crumbles…no wonder why you guys are straight to dvd..haha…..i have an idea for a movie for you guys….friday the 32nd …where jason is stuck in a parallel universe where he kills everyone in between the 1st and 31st…jackasses!

    14. Tysto Says:

      I’ve enjoyed several Asylum pictures in the past, but Almighty Thor was weak. Thor was was powerless, a lousy warrior, dumb as a stump, and constantly dropped his weapons and ran away. I liked Velasquez and the terror dogs and lindworm destruction, tho.

    15. Craig from the UK Says:

      I liked it, getting Kevin Nash with his grey hair was great.

      Read my review at my blog. Let’s hope you guys make a follow up and make it in Asgard and have a hack em up like Conan!!

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