Long Live Mega Shark!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 @ 5:33 pm | Headline, News, Other

We know when we’ve been beat.

As much as it pains us to say it, MEGA SHARK’s position as the king of  kitchy, over-the-top, giant sea creatures, has been usurped by a certain chondrichthyes-cephalapoda hybrid. Let’s face it, we were out-Mega Sharked by Sharktopus (and if any of you decide to bribe me with my favorite beverage… and then somehow convince me to start blogging after drinking said elixer… I might even reveal how we were almost involved in that film).

But even though he’s no longer on top, we’re happy to see that there’s still love out there for the Orginal:

Like this fan photo.

Or this kid’s fun zone in Santa Clarita.

Or this cool birthday cake.

Pop Culture References.

Even GQ (not that one).

Famous artists are inspired by Mega Shark.

And another masterpiece from our friend Stephen Staubman

Some fans have even made their own mockbusters.

Thanks for sharing everyone!

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    10 Responses to “Long Live Mega Shark!”

    1. Slushie Man Says:

      Sharktopus may be the more well-known and more fan favorite of the creatures, but both Mega Shark movies are better movies as a whole, then Sharktopus was, and they have a far better rewatchibility factor then Sharktopus does, IMO.

    2. inmate977 Says:

      you can’t trump the original. mega shark could take down sharktopus in mere seconds, and lorenzo lamas vs. eric roberts? don’t make me laugh, coca-cola kid. sharktopus is all flash, no substance.

      and oh, what’s this? a spare case of jameson..?

    3. Mike Says:

      Okay, ‘fess up! Your FX Department had a hand in ULTRA MEGA SHARK vs JUMBO JELLY!

      Hah? Hah?

      Besides, Roger Corman has a few more years behind him than you guys. If you’re second, that ain’t bad company!

    4. Paul Says:

      Latt told me about a couple more:




    5. Mako Says:

      Don’t give up now! Defend your title!

      It’s time for a new sequel to put these Sharktopussies in their place.

      Five words: Mega Shark vs. Almighty Thor!

    6. Angela Says:

      As one of the two “geniuses” behind Ultra Mega Shark vs Jumbo Jelly, I appreciate this. :-)

    7. SpaceParanoid Says:

      Mega Shark will ALWAYS be KING. Period.

    8. shark80 Says:

      And Also: http://drunksharks.tumblr.com/post/3582521296/mega-shark-just-the-best-bits-by-leonie

    9. Paul Says:

      Another fan film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlD6O03MQWo

    10. indrid-cold Says:

      ZOMBIESAURUS -REX VS PIRANHASAURUS theres the title now make it

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