The World Rips Off The Asylum

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 @ 12:04 pm | Headline, News, Other

From the news:

Titanic II Sinks on its Maiden Voyage


Snakes on a Train

I hope someone sues the Earth out of existence.

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    7 Responses to “The World Rips Off The Asylum”

    1. Mike Says:

      You guys are really reaching with this one!

      Just because a couple of headlines are titles of your movies does not make it a rip-off. You guys are better then that!

      …maybe it was a tie-in…..

    2. Trevor Says:

      Hahaha, now you can changed the tag lines on the DVDs to “Based on a true story”.

    3. David Latt Says:

      So we’ve been making documentaries all along…I KNEW IT!

    4. Matthew Mosley Says:

      @Mike, err yeah i THINK they’re joking (dont ask me why)

    5. Maarten Says:

      @ Trevor: ‘Based on a True Story’….. I like!

    6. Kyle Says:

      Ever thought about making a movie “based on” that CDC zombie apocalypse post? :D

    7. Tobias Hohmann Says:

      I know: You can´t read the text in the article from this Link:

      But I thought it could be interesting for you to know, that the Asylum-Movies are very popular in Germany. They are so popular that I thought a Special about The Asylum, the Movies and the People who are working for the Studio could be nice and interesting. And it was a nice work to do that. I talked with Eric Forsberg and Trey Stokes, very friendly People. And I talked with one of the German Publishers of Asylum-Movies. As I said: Very interesting and many Sites watched for it.

      Before I started my work for the Special I wrote a Mail to The Asylum and asked for an Interview with Mr. Bales, Mr. Rimawi or Mr. Latt. I was very happy that someone of the Marketing Bureau wrote back and told me to send my questions. I did that … and unfortunately that was the last I heared. Don´t get me wrong: I understand that Mr. Bales, Mr. Rimawi or Mr. Latt are very busy, but a short Information? I think that´s not too much, right?
      Especially because I´m not a Asylum-Hater. I could have Fun with their stuff and I´m realistic enough to know, what Asylum do. Above all the Site is well attended and many People who don´t know what Asylum is or does read this article. In principle very good Marketing for Asylum.
      However: Maybe I will translate the hole Article and the Interviews in English if someone has interest about it. And if Mr. Bales, Mr. Rimawi or Mr. Latt have time for an Interview now: Please let me know.

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