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Thursday, July 14th, 2011 @ 11:28 pm | Headline, News, Other

Some of this old news, but I thought I’d share some of the media coverage we’ve been getting outside the United States.

Here’s a link to an interview that Rimawi and I did at Cannes with the German site MoviePilot.

Speaking of Germany, here’s a scan of a magazine interview with Latt. We’d love to know what it says if any of you out there speak German.

Here’s a review of MEGA PYTHON VS GATOROID that came out before the UK premiere.

Also from the UK, one of our movies made the Worst Of Cannes list… and we haven’t even made it yet.

And finally, our Dutch buyer sent us this link of the Worst Movies of the Year in Holland. Of course, he also told us not to worry about it… “It still sells.”

Can’t you just feel the international love?

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    10 Responses to “Asylum Around the World”

    1. Maarten van Krimpen Says:

      Darn’ right not to worry about the Dutch list (i am Dutch and also a member of the website)! The only film from you guys on the list is Doomsday… I wasn’t even aware of the fact that you made this film. Keep them coming!

    2. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      Last monday, i gave a brazilian plug to BORN BAD:

    3. Mike Says:

      Now it’s official –


      Now you rank up there with William Castle, King of Schlock, and Roger Corman, King of the B’s.

      Your place in History has been established. Kudos!

    4. inmate977 Says:

      oh my god NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH is the greatest thing i have ever heard of! is this real?

    5. Paul Says:

      Perry, not only is it real, but it’s my next opus…

    6. inmate977 Says:

      TOO RAD…this officially takes the number one spot on the list of films i cant wait to see in 2012. pure genius!

    7. Rick Says:

      Nazis At The Center Of The Earth….oh that would be most sweet.

    8. Serjio Rios Says:

      Paul Bales is looking good! Break me off a piece of that! Also Rimawi looks not a day over 30 errrr 23 :)

      Life imitating art?

    9. Julia Blauvelt Says:

      you guys are the most adorable bosses I ever had. <3

    10. Bob Says:

      Hi guys and greetings from Germany.

      I give you a translation of the scanned magazine interview:

      The original ‘Thor’ cost 150 million, the fake ‘Almighty Thor’ only half a million.


      David Latt copies blockbuster and releases them simultaneously with the big studios – with very similar titles. He earns his money with film-fans who are mistaken.


      Q: You’ve invented with the ‘Mockbuster’ a whole new genre.

      A: I love this expression. How many directors can say that of themselves?

      Q: How did you get the idea?

      A: In 2005 I did an adaption of H. G. We11s ‘War of the Worlds’. Through a coinsidence, short after my work has been released, a similar film from Steven Spielberg with Tom Cruise hit the theaters. The video rental chain Blockbuster ordered 100.000 copies of my film.

      Q: People are buying your movie on DVD and get angry back home when they realize their mistake. You’re spoiling saturday evenings. Doesn’t that matter to you?

      A: Oh, I’m hearing this argument since fifteen years. Indeed we receive a lot of angry e-mails, but lesser than one percent our films get exchanged. That’s no more than a Hollywood blockbuster. If people really would confuse ‘Transmorphers’ with ‘Transformers’ the complaints were astronomic. I don’t think people are that stupid.

      Q: Not only the title but the plots are similar: In ‘Transformers’ good robots are fighting against evil robots, in your ‘Transmorphers’ lesbians are fighting against evil robots.

      A: That’s true.

      Q: For the superhero-movie ‘Thor’ Kenneth Branagh did spent 150 million dollars. How much budget was it for ‘Almighty Thor’?

      A: Slightly less. About half a million.

      Q: Which of your films grossed the highest income?

      A: ‘Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus’ outselled very good, although there was no blockbuster source material.

      Q: A film in which a hundred meter [~ 328 foot; remark of the translator] large shark eats up a flying jumbo-jet.

      A: The film was a great success in the internet. The people loved it.

      Q: How do directors react from whom you steal from?

      A: I’m never invited to their partys. But that doesn’t hurt me, I wish Hollywood productions all the best. Experience shows: If the original doesn’t sell, our mockbuster doesn’t either. ‘The Invation’ with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig was a flop. So was our film ‘Invasion of the Pod People’.

      Q: How long do you need for a mockbuster?

      A: We schedule three weeks for casting, screenplay, location. Two weeks for the shot. Post-production and special effects last almost additional three weeks. You can consider our films as generics in a pharmacy: Why buying the expensive headache pills when there are ones standing by, costing only the half? Our screenplay and the characters may not be well-engineered, but we manage our job – entertaining the people. Success hasn’t something to do with quality, it’s about what interests people.

      Q: You can watch this from a different angle. In 2008 Fox took legal action because the Asylum film ‘The Day the Earth Stopped’ was released three days before ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ with Keanu Reeves.

      A: We did over 300 movies and received a lot of mail from attorneys. That’s okay, legal departments of big studios have to justify their salarys. But they didn’t succeed once. I think they have given up. We didn’t receive anymore mail as far as one, two years. Nobody complaint about ‘Almighty Thor’ anyway.

      Q: Which Mockbusters are coming in summer?

      A: A whole bunch, after all we’re making each month a movie. I look forward to our adaption of ‘The Three Musketeers’. Coincidentally, a big studio is working on a similar film, starring Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich.

      Cheers! :D
      If you have any work for me, let me now (age 28, computer skills, hobby film editor, movie geek). I’m a fan of your company!

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