We’re Number 15!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 @ 3:18 pm | Headline, News, Releases

┬áNo, I still don’t care about IMDB user ratings, but this is pretty interesting.

Over the weekend our film 2012: ICE AGE was the 15th most visited film on the site.

That means more people were more interested in our movie than Captain America, The Dark Knight Rises, and Larry Crowne (if you can believe that).

Unfortunately, I don’t think most of the people who looked up the page actually watched the movie… or paid for it if they did.

But, hey, we’ll take it anyway…

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    14 Responses to “We’re Number 15!”

    1. Paul Says:

      Update: And if all of this news isn’t shocking enough, Foywonder from DreadCentral actually like the movie (sort of):


    2. inmate977 Says:

      i loved this one (big surprise) and think the acknowledgment is well deserved. you guys are blowing up!


    3. Scotch Says:

      I had nothing but love for this flick as well! Review posted at Goof Roof:

    4. Victoria Dadi Says:

      Now if only all these websites would quit calling me “Victor Dadi” things would be perfect!

      - VictorIA Dadi

    5. Mike Says:

      I kinda thought this was one of your safer movies. It really doesn’ty have to OMG factor of 2012: MOBY DICK, and nowhere near the WTF factor of ALMIGHTY THOR. Here’s my review: http://www.matchflick.com/movie-review/21653-15500

      Still, a kudo is a kudo. KUDOS!

    6. Victoria Dadi Says:


      Thanks for not calling me “Victor”!

    7. Crap movies Says:

      All movies from ‘The Asylum’ is crap. Nothing good about any of the movies. Get A new job cuz you suck at this!

    8. Mark Says:

      2012: ICE AGE #15
      Well your #1 on my list if that helps, For worst movie ever!
      You can see the ramp when the car rolls,
      Not a shred of scientific validity in the movie
      Poor acting
      Air force firing nuclear missiles at a 200 mph glacier, ohhh please
      Voice over of Pilots extremely unrealistic
      2012 Huh, didn’t even mention 2012 in movie
      Special effects horrible
      Boulders of ice that bounce across the road yet don’t damage the road but damage everything else
      Helicopter cockpits that don’t match the exterior chopper shots
      The family says how cold they are yet they never zip/button their coats
      ok I admit it, I ended up fast forwarding through part of it was so bad.
      You have to admit as I quote a bit from the movie, This smells like shit I’m pretty sure the kid was refering to the movie at the time and not the van.

    9. Craig from the Uk Says:

      There is nothing wrong with the film, its pure hokum. If you don’t like The Asylum’s films why bother visiting the site to bitch.

      See my review- http://craigscinema.blogspot.com/2011/06/2012-ice-age.html

    10. asylumshit Says:

      asylum are making a copy from all of the good films

    11. Maarten Says:

      As you do with all of the bad postings. Get a life.

    12. Aaron Says:

      I have yet to see this film, but I love your disaster movies so I have the feeling I shall love this film when I get around to watching it. Anyways, kudos!

    13. walt kovacs Says:

      very proud to say that i have never paid to see an asylum film

      i figure, if you guys can steal ideas…i can steal your films

      you can find me hawking your stuff on broadway and pico

    14. Victoria Dadi Says:

      Hey Walt,

      I just thought I’d let you know, for the record that you likely don’t care about, that neither of the writers of 2012: Ice Age (myself, Victoria Dadi, and Paul Sinor) have ever seen either Roland Emmerich’s 2012 or The Day After Tomorow – the two films that we ‘ripped off’. He and I have had great laughs over this oft repeated claim.

      Therefore, I would like to request that you limit your theft to the rest of The Asylum’s catalogue.


      Victoria Dadi

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