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Monday, August 1st, 2011 @ 4:38 pm | Headline, News, Other

I received this email last week:

Hello to all at The Asylum!

I’m very interested in understanding why you make the kinds of movies that you
do, and how it is that you continue making them. I mean this from a purely
objective, non-threatening perspective. It just seems that your movies get a
lot of negative reviews and feedback, and not many people enjoy watching them.
Given this, and the many examples of so-called “A” movies with
“better stories, acting, directing, dialog, and effects” I was just
wondering why and how The Asylum continues to create movies like the ones you
have made.

Frankly, there’s just not very much support for what The Asylum does. Are your
movies deliberately created to have, as one reviewer wrote: “cheesy
dialog, bad acting, uninspired directing, and stupid plot” or is it
unintentional? I’m really just trying to understand how your movies can exist
in a world that has such an abundance of movies that very clearly demonstrate
what people seem to consider good dialog, engaging stories, compelling
characters, and good acting, etc. Surely you’ve seen great films, even ones
that were great despite not having a huge budget, right?
Any insights into these question would be greatly appreciated.

Peter–someone trying to understand you

Peter,  I have no idea why anyone would watch our crappy little movies. I just cash all the checks.

So, I’m asking for help from our “fans.” Can you guys explain to Peter how our movies can exist?

Write your answers here. Be nice.

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    21 Responses to “Call to Action”

    1. Josh Trett Says:

      Because I keep fucking buying your movies. I don’t know why a film labelling itself as “a modern christian epic in the style of the omega code” entices me…but it does….think I might have an adiction! …!
      Josh Trett
      Trett Films

    2. KD Says:

      Two words sum up Asylum movies : Good fun.

      If I wanted deep, intellectual movies, then I’ll see them out. But sometimes I just want to watch something fun, something campy. And you guys fill that void.

    3. Andrew Says:

      What can I say? I love me some B-grade schlock :)

    4. Trevor Says:

      Businesses need cheap content to make it look like they have more to offer. Blockbuster and Hollywood Video needed cheap content to line their shelves so they appeared to have more. Netflix needs cheap content for its streaming service to keep those numbers going up. SyFy needs cheap content to air. The Asylum’s business model is no mystery at this point. They have stated often and quite clearly how they are able to continue doing this. Also they aren’t the only ones. Maverick Entertainment Group and York Entertainment have been distributing a lot of crap for many years, on par with The Asylum’s stuff. IMHO the trailers for DRAGON CRUSADERS and BORN BAD look really good, above average, so there is still hope! Other than that I really enjoy their comedies. And Beast of Bray Road is really good too.

    5. Rick Says:

      The pretentious film student in me says: Because I think that there is enough of a counter-culture movement who dig the underdogs, in an industry ruled by multi-billion dollar corporations and with few independent companies. An independent self-contained studio who has survived and thrived despite everything going against it; some people might just want to see the little guy succeed.

      The realist in me says: AMC, before they did commercials, editing films, and their own programing, for a brief while showed low-budget genre films from the ’30s-early ’80s every Saturday morning when I was a kid in the middle ’90s. I was exposed to everything from the Universal Monsters to Hammer Films to Ray Harryhausen. The best of Asylum’s movies bring me back to my childhood. Outlandish plots, ‘cheese acting’, ‘cheese special effects’….it all reminds me of being an eight year old kid watching films like ‘The Deadly Mantis’ and ‘The Valley of Gwangi’ while chowing down on a bowl of sugared cereal.

    6. Chubbs Says:

      I like Asylum films cause their easy to watch. When we (being my mates) want to have a laugh, we pick up Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus or whack on Mega Piranha. Their entertainment, something that some people have lost a concept of. People think of Asylum films as shit because there too used to the high budgets that the mainstream films have. It’s a shame cause thats how the independent and low budget film market looses it’s business, people not willing to go ‘Meh, it’s a laugh’ and go off on one thinking their god for bitching over the internet about something they claimed to of seen ’2 minutes of then turned off’. Judging a film off two minutes is a bit much. These films work with what they got, and that’s why I suport them
      Chubbs out…

    7. William Says:

      Asylum films are entertaining. It is not any more complicated than that. In that circle of storytellers gathered around the campfire they may not tell their story in the most crisp, efficient, glossy manner, but no one can top their delivery, their enthusiasm, their presentation. While the others ‘make movies’, Asylum tells stories.

    8. Leslie Morris Says:

      Because the Asylum asks the hard questions that the rest of Hollywood isn’t afraid too! Such as what would happen if a Mega Shark where to find a Giant Octopus or the what would happen in a bunch of snakes got loose on a train.

    9. Carlos Says:

      The Asylum you have my suport

    10. Mike Says:

      The short answer – they’re fun to watch!

      One of my favorite Asian dishes is Moo Shu Pork. It’s affectionately called “Heart Attack on a Plate.” Yet people eat it by the bucket load.

      My point?


      Asylum fans will stampede over a “film” like The NOTEBOOK or SOPHIE’S CHOICE for a MEGA-SHARK Marathon.

      I personally refuse to pay to become depressed. I go to work for that. I would much more prefer kicking back with my crew, with the most unhealthy buffet of junk food and a keg of beer, and have at it with the cheesiest Mockbuster The Asylum can produce. That’s a good night.

      Movies should be fun. Ask the thousands of people on their Facebook pages. Ask the thousands of people that clear out their inventories, and breathlessly await each colossal Mockbuster. They’ll never be 20th Century Fox or Miramax. But like the Apple Computer, The Asylum has a small, but fervently dedicated fan base to support their business.

      They’re called “The Asylum,, and we’re all Inmates!

    11. David Latt Says:

      I love my fellow Asylum Inmates (fans). I’m so happy you have questionable taste. You make it worth my while to be a crappy parent (as I never see my kids).

    12. Bobby Says:

      The Asylum has a few things going for them, and one of those things is that they have no pretensions at all They know what they do, and for whom. In that why, they can easily cook something up to sell it to people that they already know will buy it.

      On top of that, they are like the Hammer Studios, or Roger Cormans, of our times. Are theirs the best movies? Most of the time, no; although they can surprise by making something not just good, but astounding (“The Haunting Of Winchester House” is a bloody great horror film). Do they provide a sense of great fun that is absent from a lot of bigger budget fare? Absolutely! Not all their films work (there’s not enough Mgea, sharks, octopi, or giants in “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus”), but I’ll take that over the boring stupidity (and insulting nature) or the “Transformers” series 200 times out of 10.

    13. Keith Makenas Says:

      In addition to the films being very entertaining it’s fun to find actors and actresses from the 80’s. My favorite are the comedies, they are simple, hilarious, and full of very attractive half naked girls (I apologize to my wife and daughters for that comment…kind of).

    14. Maarten Says:

      I completely agree with Bobby on this one. I personally think not all of the Asylum-flms are good (I was bored to death with Pirates of Treasure Island) but films like Mega Piranha, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and especially Snakes on a Train are quite fun – even considering their flaws (and there are many).

      For me, the most important part is their honesty and their lack of pretentious. In the making-of features, there’s no pretentious lines like ‘it was such an inspiring story/director/co-star etc’. No, they just want to make money, plain and simple. Honesty, I like that.

    15. Giovanni Aldana Says:

      Hi from Guatemala!!.. I love The Asylum movies because they take me to my childhood.. saturday nights always watched old and cheesy horror movies on TV.. back on seventies… the Asylum movies have that feeling of innocent fun form me… love them all.. keep working hard!!..

    16. Daniel J. Roos Says:

      The dialogue is cheesy? Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus is like jazz. If you have to ask why people dig it, you’ll never know. Asylum, man like wigsville, you groove me with those nutty two headed sharks.

    17. College Fan Says:

      i would rather watch a cheesy movie that made me laugh and entertain me for 90 minutes instead of watching 3 hours of crap like transformers 2 & 3. A two headed shark is awesome but robots fighting for 3 hours gets boring really quick to me but others like it. in short entertainment is subjective which keeps asylum around hopefully for years and years to come.

    18. Will Says:

      I can’t speak for everyone, but to me, the bad dialogue, plot, effects, etc. are what make them appealing. They’re modern B movies. It should also be noted that their methods are nothing new: The 1952 re-release of King Kong sparked the monster movie boom of the 50s – studios saw that monster films were profitable, so they made their own to get some of that money. Star Wars prompted countless space movies in the 70s and 80s – people saw that sci-fi was popular, so they made their own movies to tap into that market. So now when the Asylum sees hype for a giant robot movie (Transformers), a detective movie (Sherlock Holmes), a gunslinging adventure movie (Indiana Jones), a found footage monster movie (Cloverfield), a post-zombie apocalypse movie (I Am Legend), a humans vs. prehistoric creatures movie (10,000 BC)… They’ll have their answer to tap into the market for those films. B-movie remakes have been proven to be cheap, easy, profitable business for small studios.

    19. Clayton Berry Says:

      I watch your movies for the hot chicks. I can handle cheasiness, some of it is really funny though. Its almost as the movie is trying to be so serious that it just caves in on itself, and that is great humor. So keep on bringing the CGI dinosaurs eating the nude virgins that say wierd things. ILOVEIT!

    20. Rhett Says:

      I have no idea. I’ve purchased a few movies from The Asylum on DVD from Walmart for cheap, and well…I certainly got what I paid for. Make no mistake. I’m a guy that loves B-Grade slop. But The Asylum isn’t close to B-Grade. More around XY and Z. Never spending another penny on a DVD with The Asylum logo.

    21. Don Says:

      It’s plain and simple. They’re fun.

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