From the Set: Zombie Apocalypse

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 @ 10:01 am | Headline, News, Releases

Production has just wrapped on one of our biggest productions to date.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is an action packed adventure about a band of humans trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world full of flesh-hungry zombies.

Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Johnny Pacar, and Eddie Steeples star in the film directed by Nick Lyon.

The first production stills can be seen here.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is coming this Fall.

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    13 Responses to “From the Set: Zombie Apocalypse”

    1. Slushie Man Says:

      Zombies, chicks with swords, chicks with turret guns, chicks with crossbows and arrows, Ving Rhames with giant fucking hammers, some dude with guns and baseball bats – Dude, you get an adrenaline rush just cycling through these pictures, lol. Its gonna be one fucking kick ass action-packed zombie mayhem flick and I cannot wait to see it.

    2. indrid-cold Says:

      i believe theres a movie that already has that name came out 2 or 3 years ago

    3. Perry Says:

      Ho my god, this looks SPECTACULAR! Ving Rhames?! Too much awesomeness…

    4. Carlos Says:

    5. Rick Says:

      The title for this film on IMDB is ‘The Last Stand’….I dig ‘em both though ‘Last Stand’ sounds more apocalyptic I think. But anywho.

      Zombies = Awesomeness

      And if I must say; it’s pretty damn refreshing to see that some of these characters have some common sense and have donned some kind of protection. Nothing has annoyed me more than rarely seeing anyone taking five seconds to raid a sporting goods department and grab some football gear.

    6. Matthew Mosley Says:

      you have Ving Rhames in a movie? cool

    7. suhaimi Says:

      Awesome!!! Asylum know their budget limit and try to make films like racing car,horror and action packed!

    8. Kaelan Says:

      Now I gotta admit i dont like your movies that much but this one im pretty psyched for. Looks you like you guys are leaving your crappy film low budget origins and moving up to a lions gate type place.

    9. Matthew Mosley Says:

      @Kaelan: Budget doesn’t have much to do with it expect for when it comes to adding effects.

      Hey Asylum, how about starting a forum on the site?

    10. David Latt Says:

      We tried Forums, but all we got were trolls, and SPAM ads on how to enlarge our penis size.

      …they don’t work, by the way.

    11. Rick Says:

      That Spam sucks. But regular spam is delicious. Gently fried on the stove and served with hash browns.

    12. Zombie Info Says:

      Zombie Info…

      From the Set: Zombie Apocalypse |…

    13. indrid-cold Says:

      will you be changing the name theres already a movie calld zombie apocalypse????

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