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From Twitter

Sep 27, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

Kris Tapley mentioned The Asylum in one of his tweets about the premiere of “Terra Nova:”


Jesus Christ, guys. Jurassic Park was nearly 20 years ago. Way to look like an Asylum Movie.

Does this mean he thinks our movies look like they cost $16 million?

Latt Down Under

Sep 27, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

Our own David Michael Latt was interviewed by the Universal Channel in Australia about their “Mockbuster Mayhem” promotion:

Mockbuster Q & A

I didn’t even know Latt spoke Australian…


I’m Moving to Mongolia

Sep 25, 2011 in Headline, News, Other, Releases

Researchers at Oxford University have used Google Maps to chart global interest in zombies:

Zombie Map of the World

This is proof that researchers at Oxford have too much time on their hands, or a primer of where not to go during the coming ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

11/11/11 Festival Premiere

Sep 20, 2011 in Headline, News, Other, Releases

We are pleased to announce that 11/11/11 will debut at the 2011 Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival on September 30, 2011.

You can read about the premiere on or the Festival’s Official Website.

If you live in Southern California, come out and show your support.

If you don’t, 11/11/11 will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD on 11/1/11.

The World Rips Off The Asylum Part 4

Sep 19, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

Scientists discover that MEGA PYTHON VS GATOROID was really a documentary.

The Asylum Makes McSweeney’s Again

Sep 12, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

We’re all classy and shit:

A Professor’s Opening Lecture for “Intermediate Killer Shark Genre.”


Sep 08, 2011 in Headline, News, Releases

The first images from 2 HEADED SHARK ATTACK can be seen here.

Carmen Electra and Charlie O’Connell star as a pair of college instructors leading a group of co-eds on a semester at sea that goes terribly wrong.

Brooke Hogan (left) plays a student with a healthy fear of sharks.

2 HEADED SHARK ATTACK hits on DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD on January 17, 2012.

The Asylum Down Under

Sep 07, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

The Universal Channel in Australia is going to be airing four of our biggest recent films throughout the month of September:

Mockbuster Event

We’re looking forward to the hatred of a whole new continent.


The World Rips Off The Asylum Part 3

Sep 06, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

More proof that all we make are documentaries: