Another Latt Interview

Friday, October 7th, 2011 @ 12:20 pm | Headline, News, Other

This is from newspaper in Germany:

Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin

I don’t understand German, but I’m sure it’s really complimentary…

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    3 Responses to “Another Latt Interview”

    1. Mike Says:

      Ich bin sehr glücklich, dass The Asylum bekommt die Anerkennung die sie verdienen.

      Zu lange haben sie verleumdet worden, so die deutsche Presse – gut für Sie!


    2. Johannes Fleck Says:

      Here is my rough and quick translation of the first chapter:

      Everything stolen

      A Californian firm makes big business with cheap reproductions of successful films. Mockbuster is this genre called.

      by Robert Iwanetz

      Once a time even David Latt thought the title of his own movie would be awkward. He was producing a movie in which two giant monsters were destroying San Franzisko and Tokio. The title was “Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus” what Latt did not told to his actors, because he thought nobody would ever play in a film called like this. David Latt is the creative person behind Californian film studio “The Asylum”. In Hollywood they call him famous and infamous. And thats not only because of his monster which was air craft carrier like big. Famous The Asylum became becuase of there movies the New York Post later entiteld Mockbuster. You could translate them to Blockbuster rip-offs. The Asylums specialized on making cheap look a likes of Hollywood films which are direct-to-dvd films. Because of that they don´t have the need of a PR-campain. The Mockbusters are swimming on the giant marketing wave Hollywoods PR-office creates.

      BTW.: Are you giving people the opportunity to make a internship? Please contact me through mail, because I would love to look how you work and generaly how film creation works.

    3. Tysto Says:

      That translation is perfect for reading in the voice of Dr. Strangelove. Thanks, Johannes!

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