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Mega Shark 3?

Nov 20, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

A fan sent us this link to a petition he started to convince us to make a third MEGA SHARK film:

Mega Shark Petition

I don’t know… 71 people is kind of impressive… but I don’t know if we can green light a second sequel… yet.

What do you think?

Amityville Haunting Trailer

Nov 11, 2011 in Headline, News, Releases

Earlier this year we were contacted by the estate of the Benson family (pictured left) who had briefly rented the infamous house on Long Island, New York.

The family has since disappeared and the estate is determined to prove that the Bensons did not abscond to avoid paying their debts (as their banks and other creditors have claimed).

Watch THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING on December 27, 2011 and decide the truth for yourself.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here.