Mega Shark 3?

Sunday, November 20th, 2011 @ 7:45 pm | Headline, News, Other

A fan sent us this link to a petition he started to convince us to make a third MEGA SHARK film:

Mega Shark Petition

I don’t know… 71 people is kind of impressive… but I don’t know if we can green light a second sequel… yet.

What do you think?

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    91 Responses to “Mega Shark 3?”

    1. Rick Says:

      I’m totally down for another one. What ever happened to Mega Shark vs Giganotosaurus ?

    2. Leslie Morris Says:

      Mega Shark vs Moby Dick

    3. Rick Says:


      Mega Shark vs Mecha-Shark

    4. Slushie Man Says:

      As a huge lover of dinosaurs, and a huge lover of B Movies, I too have been wondering whatever happened to Mega Shark vs Giganotosaurus, and have been secretly (Ok ok, not so-secretly) hoping that the reason that was changed for the second movie was because you were instead going to use the idea for a third movie.

    5. mike Says:

      Mega Shark vs. Giant Pirahna

    6. ManWithTheHook Says:

      That’s my petition! I sent you the link! Totally cool you guys posted about it! Just to let you know it’s up to 78 signatures :-)

    7. Scotch Says:

      Yep! That would be rockin and I might I also suggest…MegaShark: The Comic Book!

    8. Craig from England Says:

      Mega Shark vs Mighty Peking Man!!!

    9. ManWithTheHook Says:

      91 now, wow 20 signatures in just a day.

    10. inmate977 Says:

      oh god, a third mega shark movie would MAKE MY YEAR! bring back the biggest and baddest Carcharodon carcharias in cinema history, and do it Fast-and-Furious style, blending the casts of both movies! if it fights mega piranha, throw in a Tiffany cameo! ack…the possibilities!!!

    11. Hect Says:

      Go for it

    12. Simon K. Says:

      leslie youve got the best idea and oh i forgot something MEGA SHARK RULES

    13. J.N. Moore Says:

      That would be Awesome!! Bring back Debbie Gibson, but this time have her hook up with Jonathan Nation!! (that’s what should have happened in the first movie)

    14. Mr. Gable Says:

      Oh yeah, Mega Shark vs Squidadactyl, this needs to happen.

    15. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      I think that the realization of the third chapter is a must for us fans of the series! I like the proposal by Leslie Morris and share: MEGA SHARK vs. MOBY DICK would be great! maybe in 3D, why not?

    16. Rick Says:

      Just got my 3D TV hooked up, definitely would like to see a new MS film on Blu-Ray 3D. As long as it’s shot native.

    17. Brunez Says:

      as said above, a “Mega Shark vs. Mega Piranha” would be great!

      (but also a Mega Shark vs. whatever)

    18. A.J. Leyte Says:

      How about Mega Shark vs Mechasaurus?

    19. Antonio Lombardo Says:

      third episode is absolutely true! I agree with what has been said, a bloody clash between Moby Dick and Mega Shark would indeed be epic! and this time in 3D, I recommend!

    20. Daniel J. Roos Says:

      I signed! If it helps, our homepage at SnarkCriticPop has been running a “Who Should Mega Shark Fight Next” poll for a while — currently Betty White leads Uber Orca, Mighty Minnow, Super Squid, and the Incredible Mr. Limpet.

    21. Luana Perdichizzi Says:

      I too would like a fight at the top of the Megalodon and Moby Dick! 3D Blu Ray, of course!

    22. Matthew Mosley Says:

      165 names :) How many do you want before you give it a serious think over?

    23. Joshua Kirk Says:

      I got an awesome idea!!! :D Mega shark,Mega Piranha,Mega Python,MegaFault,and Gatoroid VS Transmorphers! Info: The year is 4214 A.D…200 years after we took our planet baack…but a second fleet…bigger than the last one…….The Humans have on chance to beat them…but an unexpected help from Mega Shark,The Megafault,Mega Pythoh,Mega Piranha,And Gatoroid,and a huge 25 year war for survival and life for Earth!

    24. Joshua Kirk Says:

      How about: Mega Shark,Megafault and Mega Piranha VS Transmorpfers

    25. Samuele Says:

      Mega Shark vs Moby Dick in 3d!!!

    26. Rick Says:

      Scary!!!! I’m trying to get past the the ginat glowing butterfly chasing my car to work every morning. Bas** keeps dive bombing me. The more of these funny pills I take (like tic-tacs) the more he seems to harrass me too. Other people say he’s not there…but I see him. Green. Glowing. Taunting me. Sometimes I take different routes and ditch him on the side streets….

      Now I have to worry about getting past the river in the morning. *Look left and right, *cross fingers* then gun it over the bridge*. Pray I don’t become a snack for Megaladon.

      No where is safe!!!



    27. Jesse Says:

      If it gets enough to greenlight the film you should run a pitch contest for it too, or at least submit who the MS fights. I know I’d like the US and Japan creating a Robo Mega Shark or Robo Moby Dick to combat it. Might as well go full on Toho with your giant monster.

    28. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Mega Shark Vs Moby Dick in 3D? …….. Yeah that’d sell :D

    29. Francesca Says:

      Yes, I agree that a clash between the MEGALODON and MOBY DICK,it would be great … especially if in 3D!

    30. Antonella Says:

      I agree in suggesting MOBY DICK antagonist of our MEGA SHARK, for the third episode of the series … in 3D then it would be really great!

    31. Jason B. Says:

      This film needs to be made NOW!

    32. Matthew Mosley Says:

      OFF TOPIC: Hey Asylum, have you seen this? Could make a cool film about super-sized bugs

    33. ManWithTheHook Says:

      292 Signatures and counting. Hopefully you guys are already seriously discussing it!

    34. Simon K. Says:

      you know that at the end of mega shark 2 the guys said that theres a giant lizard in japan

    35. Matthew Mosley Says:

      335 :D

      @Simon K: Godzlizard :D

    36. Simon K. Says:

      @Matthew what about gods lizard

    37. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Guys, what are you waiting to make the Third Episode of the Series? MEGA SHARK do fight who you want, even against an alien monster when appropriate, but get busy!!

    38. Eric M Says:

      I am so down for this!

    39. Allyn Says:

      Mega Shark vs. Gary Busey :)

    40. Steve L. Says:

      I’m watching “Mega Python vs. Gateroid” and really enjoying it! Lotta fun! I have all these movies! Personally I’d rather see something like Mega Scorpion vs. Giant Spider, or vs. Mega Mantis, something insectoid, but I would love another mega-movie! And the casting of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson is just so random and cheesy but I love it!

    41. robert Says:

      i like ham!

    42. Loic Mayo Says:

      Hello, i’m a young student french and i have watch all of your movies i love, please make a new Megashark, just for me, the fans and all the worlds. Why not MegaShark VS Godzilla, King Kong or Moby Dick.. And in 3D

      Thank for your work, and contines to distribute your movies in france (in Blu-ray if it’s possible)

    43. robert Says:


    44. robert Says:


    45. nicky Says:

      Maybe it could be a lot of megasharks vs us navy in a nuclear test in pacific ocean

    46. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Now you have enough signatures, the Petition! I own both of the Saga chapters MEGA SHARK both DVDs and Blu Ray … I would like to add the third episode, so … HURRY UP ABOUT IT!

    47. LOLICAKE Says:

      How about a prequel ?
      Mega Shark vs Moby Dick would be a pretty good idea as a prologue for the Mega Shark saga.
      Old days whale hunters having to face a much more terrible threat than the fearsome great white whale.

      Also, it NEEDS to be in 3D.

    48. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      I say that idea is good…but our friends of the Asylum, are not still unfortunately definite to start the realization of this attended Third Episode!

    49. Brian Says:

      We have had a poll up for over a year, and have over 700 responses as to who mega shark should fight next. Betty white is the winner by a good margin.

    50. Matthew Mosley Says:


    51. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Betty White? :) personally, lean towards a new monster, even big bad of the past … crocosaurus the second episode, for example, measuring 1.500 feet: well, the new opponent I was so big, to make it look like a goldfish Moby Dick, compared to him! Obviously, the size of the Megalodon are increased to keep parity with the tonnage of the new rival!

    52. Tony Lombardo Says:

      I say that signatures on petition, you have enough! What to expect to make MEGA SHARK 3, then?

    53. robert Says:

      didnt mega shark get rosted at the end of mega shark vs crosaurus??? so its DEAD

    54. robert Says:

      SUPER SQUID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      I bought the Blu Ray 2 HEADED SHARK ATTACK: cool movie, I know when You Asylum bigwigs, decide to make MEGA SHARK 3!

    56. ManWithTheHook Says:

      It has 567 signatures, im dying to know if you guys have given this some serious thought!

    57. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      already, it is time! as I mentioned previously, the petition is full of signatures, I do not understand what to expect yet our friends of THE ASYLUM to kick off the long-awaited third episode!

    58. ManWithTheHook Says:

      572 signatures. I just watched the first two today and all i could think is what you could do with a third film. I have a great idea that would finish the “trilogy” if you wanna go that route.

    59. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Really? If you believe that your idea is a good one, what are you waiting to propose?

    60. ManWithTheHook Says:

      Andrea, I’m assuming you were responding to me? I know The Asylum is accepting picthes for some movies, but I’m not sure if they would accept pitches for other movies they have not asked for. I won’t post it on here because I don’t want anybody to read it and pitch it as their own LOL I’m hoping if/when they greenlight a third film they’ll start accepting pitches. I mean it will have been the fans that made the movie happen, why not take advice from the fans on what they really want? I can see them doing a poll to who Mega Shark should fight. But i think it would be really cool to make it all a trilogy, and have everything come full circle somehow.

    61. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      I’ll tell you: If our friends of Asylum wish to know what you think, inviting us to post our opinion, well … it is a sign that their interest in developing the Third episode of MEGA SHARK, clearly there is! otherwise she would not have taken into consideration the aforementioned Petition! for me, in my previous Post I reported Moby Dick as possible antagonist of the Megalodon, but after considering the previous Crocosaurus was much larger than the white whale (1,500 feet in length, against “only” 500 of Moby Dick) I think it is better to focus on a new creature larger and more fierce, the previous two … then also by increasing the size and ferocity of sharks, of course. of Prehistoric sea monsters, there is plenty to choose from, I mention some: Liopleurodon Ferox, Predator X, Giant Mosasaurus, etc. you just build around a Plot, and you’re done!

    62. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      I’ll tell you: If our friends of Asylum wish to know what you think, inviting us to post our opinion, well … it is a sign that their interest in developing the Third episode of MEGA SHARK, clearly there is! otherwise she would not have taken into consideration the aforementioned Petition! for me, in my previous Post I reported Moby Dick as possible antagonist of the Megalodon, but after considering the previous Crocosaurus was much larger than the white whale (1,500 feet in length, against “only” 500 of Moby Dick) I think it is better to focus on a new creature larger and more fierce, the previous two … then also by increasing the size and ferocity of shark, of course. of Prehistoric sea monsters, there is plenty to choose from, I mention some: Liopleurodon Ferox, Predator X, Giant Mosasaurus, etc. you just build around a Plot, and you’re done!

    63. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      emh … sorry, I accidentally posted the same Post, two times in a row! :)

    64. ManWithTheHook Says:

      Well, ok I’m just gonna post my idea on here if someone else takes credit for it oh well as long as it gets made I’ll be happy. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but i thought that it would be nifty if, after discovering that the Megladon has survived, we built a mechanical shark just like it to fight the shark. Because it would annoy me if there just happens to be another big monster out there to fght the shark. It could be called Mega Shark vs. Mecha-Shark. They did it with Godzilla, i don’t see why it wouldn’t work here.

    65. ManWithTheHook Says:

      Now that i write it down, ehh.. It sounded better in my head. LOL :-P

    66. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      as you know, the Megalodon,at the end of the second episode of the series ends with roasted Crocosaurus … seems unlikely again as survivor in the third episode! If anything,you could bring up another raucous Megalodon, puppy (now ovviament adult) than in the two previous films, for example.

    67. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      think about it, my idea about puppy Megalodon in adulthood, it is not good … for the proposal on building a mechanical shark as an antagonist, disagree: it is already seen in the series GODZILLA, and copy so blatantly the subject will not be of benefit to the MEGA SHARK!

    68. Mega Shark fan Says:

      Andrea Perdichizzi, in response to your previous post. As much as I love the Asylum’s movies, didn’t you think it’s a big hypocritical to say blatantly copying the Mecha Godzilla idea wouldn’t benefit Mega Shark, as 90% of the Asylum’s movies are blatant knock-offs of existing movies?

      Still, I’ve been desperately waiting for a Mega Shark 3, and I hope they’re working on something. Personally, “Nuclear” Mega Shark vs Anaconda. Imagine if Mega Shark absorbed all the nuclear energy from the sub and survived Part 2, only to come back with regenerative abilities and they let loose one of those last super sized Anaconda’s into the oceans to hunt it down in hard core battle of the regenerating super monsters.

      Think of the potential if they can recover from attacks. It would be like a low budget Micheal Bay film!

    69. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      in response to Mega Shark Fan: thank you for the compliment that I’ve given, until today “great hypocrite” I still had not called anyone! the series is clearly inspired by MEGA SHARK that GODZILLA is evident, what I mean is that a little more originality would not spoiled! However, the ASYLUM has already opted for a Mechanical Shark as an antagonist in the third story of our beloved Saga: goes well so far as I’m concerned.
      as for you,ManWithTheHook,congratulations! your Idea has been promoted! ;)

    70. Mega Shark fan Says:

      I didn’t mean any disrespect Andrea, I had meant to say ‘bit’ instead of big.

      All is well, I’m just excited to hear any news about Mega Shark 3 and all of Asylum’s movies.

    71. ManWithTheHook Says:

      @Andrea, yeah i just read online! I was excited to hear! I dont know if they read my idea and stole it, or its a coincidence, but either way my petition helped get us a third chapter! So happy!

    72. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Yes! Finally, the third chapter will be realized … We hope that after you get the 4th … ;)

    73. ManWithTheHook Says:

      I’ll be satisfied if we just get this one sequel, but now i’m more open to Mega Shark never dying and battling any existing monsters already.. I do like your idea, Andrea, about a Mega Shark puppy. Godzilla never got a baby so it’d be an interesting turn.

    74. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      well, thank you for your appreciation … I hope that our friends of ASYLUM, they agree with you. and I agree with what you wrote: why “kill” MEGA SHARK? is the Marine Heir of GODZILLA, and deserves a long series like the one dedicated to the huge reptile above! :)

    75. News: Mega Shark 3 announced « Two Geeks, One Blog Says:

      [...] this news comes after fans sent in a petition to continue the series. This installment takes Mega Shark even further than before – [...]

    76. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Dear ManWithTheHook, I just read an article (on the net) that speaks of the third episode of MEGA SHARK, which concludes: “But one question remains – who will be Mega Shark’s next victim? The Asylum casting will begin later this year. ” what do you think? look your response!

    77. ManWithTheHook Says:

      Andrea, what do you mean by “look your response”? I wish The Asylum would announce here on their site something about the film.

    78. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      sorry, not my fault: I use the translator online, which does not always translate correctly what I write! I meant to ask: What do you think about what was written? Following the report here: “But one question remains-what will be the next victim of Mega Shark?” I added, there will be a “next victim”? the word to you, now …

    79. ManWithTheHook Says:

      I guess since it mentions casting they’re talking about what washed-up celebrities The Asylum will hire next to be innocent bystandards to Mega Sharks attack and get swallowed! Either that or they aren’t aware of Mega Shark fighting Mecha Shark and are asking about what monster? Not sure.

    80. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      how about building a new Petition by Title “WE WANT MEGA SHARK 4″ in the future? ;)

    81. ManWithTheHook Says:

      Thought about it already!! but it seems they’re already aware of how popular this character is.. I just want some news from these guys about the sequel already!!

    82. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Of course I know, how popular our Mega Shark! ASYLUM with friends, is credited with having created the monster more sympathetic in the history of cinema! However, I am in favor of starting a new Petition … ;)

    83. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      I apologize for spelling errors in my post: I use the translator online, which is not always correctly translated text!

    84. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      I have an idea on the subject for a possible fourth episode of the series: our beloved megalodon could face a monstrous Dunkleosteus, suddenly risen from the depths of the ocean! what do you think? :)

    85. ManWithTheHook Says:

      LOL that idea could work! I always hoped they would put Mega Shark up against the Megapiranha and we could get Debbie Gibson and Tiffany back in a movie together, for anyone who liked Mega Python vs. Gatoroid..

    86. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      the idea of bringing in Series Debbie Gibson and Tiffany individual display is good. antagonist on the choice, would choose a brand new monster … candidates would not fail also: Dunkleosteus, Liopleurodon, the famous monster of Loch Ness, Giant Mosasaurus, the Spinosaurus, which had the peculiarity to dive to hunt their prey, Predator X (similar to Liopleurodon) … among these, in your opinion, what would be the ideal opponent of Megalodon?

    87. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      wait, I forgot the Dimetrodon! it is a Reptile Amphibian lived in the Lower Permian! If you do not know, look on Wikipedia and let me know what you think! ;)

    88. ManWithTheHook Says:

      Definately the Loch Ness!!

    89. Andrea Perdichizzi Says:

      Yes, I agree with you, I consider a great choice! and then, what are you waiting? creates a new Petition! ;)

    90. ManWithTheHook Says:

      As soon as this movie comes out and it’s amazing, i’ll start working on another petition! I wish they would have just green light two sequels since they themselves have said they see how popular this character is.

    91. Fluffy Bunny Says:

      Its 2013 and the old petition has 580 signatures!
      Please Asylum, make the ultimate movie trilogy happen!!!

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