End of Year Odds and Ends

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 @ 2:35 pm | Headline, News, Other

As 2011 comes to a close, we’d like to thank everyone for helping make this the best year in the history of The Asylum.

Before I head off to spend time with family on the east coast (“slow and steady drinking, slow and steady drinking”), I thought I’d share some various links and postings that we’ve been collecting over the last few weeks:

Here’s an Interview with Liz Adams, writer/director of the upcoming AIR COLLISION.

Some reviews of 11/11/11 and A HAUNTING IN SALEM.

And a fun one for BORN BAD from the Movie Boozer.

Here’s a site in case you need another forum to talk shit about us.

Proof that even big networks sometimes use clips without permission (but that’s okay… any publicity is good publicity, right?)

When they aren’t busy poaching our production staff, Funny or Die even mentions us.

Mega Shark can never die.

 They still publish Rolling Stone?

And let’s close 2011 with some hate mail:

I’m sending this email in hopes that the folks at The Asylum will remember that they, too, are human beings. Please, for the love of all that is holy, can you cease making such incredibly shitty films? You guys are parasites, living off of the success of more talented and competent filmmakers. As soon as Hollywood releases a film and it makes big bucks, you guys immediately release another film with a similar title that’s a horrifically terrible knock-off. I mean, if you’re going to rip everyone off, at least make films that don’t suck this bad. Your graphics department looks like it’s composed entirely of three-year-old finger-painters. Seriously, I can’t suspend disbelief THAT MUCH to believe any of your on-screen “creatures” are real. It ruins the entire viewing experience if the entire time I’m thinking to myself “it looks like a blind autistic child made these graphics.” I mean, how much money could you possibly be making with these films? I don’t know a single person that runs to the video store to buy an Asylum release. In fact, most people I know only rent your films by mistake thinking they are the big-budget films you rip off. Is that your marketing strategy or something? Seriously, guys, give it up. You obviously were never meant to be in the film business. Your pictures suck, plain and simple.
Regards, Kevin Johnson

Enjoy your holidays everyone!

See you in 2012… the 15th Anniversary of The Asylum (sorry, Kevin…).


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    18 Responses to “End of Year Odds and Ends”

    1. inmate977 Says:

      looking forward to an even bigger and better 2012! congrats on a truly awesome year of rad moviemaking!

    2. kwilson83 Says:

      love the ‘hate’ mail. perhaps you should do a movie about a blind, autistic graphic artist (named Kevin, of course) who gets eaten by his own creations. wait… i think that’s been done!

    3. Keith Says:

      Thanks for entertaining us another year and enjoy your break with family along with some HEAVY drinking.

    4. Rick Says:

      I’m looking forward to 2012′s slate of Asylum movies. Come on, there’s only one more chance for a Twilight mockbuster….baring any spin-off films.

    5. Matthew Mosley Says:

      I’m REALLY surprised that THe Asylum haven’t put out a teen-vampire movie yet.

      You can make almost anything and have it sell. I know an Edward look-a-like, British actor we’ve used if you’re interested :)

    6. Mike Sanchez Says:

      These movies rip off real movies, and are like cheap pornos without sex. BECKYBECKYBECKYBECKYBECKYBECKY

    7. JK Says:

      Just wanted to say that i love these movies, just watched 3 Musketeers with some friends and we were in tears and rolling on the floor. Funniest movie i’ve seen in ages. The helicopter scenes and the Mypad are just hilarious!

    8. Some Dude Says:

      You. Guys. Are. Gods. *bows down*.

    9. Derdelinckx Quentin Says:

      Happy new year Asylum ! I hope 2012 is going to be a very good year for all of you and all of us !
      Asylum haters are just trolls. Why do they watch your movies if they decide to hate it even before watching it ?
      Moreover, Asylum’s films are creative, funny and especially entertaining ! My friends and me love these movies ! I hope your last releases are going to be releasead in France and Belgium !

    10. Dan Says:

      As someone who has never had access to a decent video camera for any significant length of time, I kind of envy the production staff. They get to do what they like doing. The movies look fun to participate in, and are as fun to watch as you allow them to be.

    11. Brunez Says:

      Have a good 2012, full of The Asylum movies!

    12. Osvaldo Neto Says:

      Cheers from Brazil, The Asylum rocks!

    13. Some Dude Says:

      Hey! I hope your going to finish the production of my idea, 2-headed Megashark vs. Crocopussaurus Rex soon.

    14. RatherOddRanger Says:

      So where my reviews of the screeners that terrible and thus is the reason you’ve never sent me anymore?

      Also good luck with 2012, ‘Nazis At The Centre Of The Earth’ looks cool and please make a toku movie at some point.

    15. RatherOddRanger Says:

      Sorry I meant to say ‘were’ they that terrible? Also the screener for The Amityville Haunting arrived so thank you for that. Looks like royal mail are just being slow with my mail at the moment.
      Just out of curiousity is Zombie Apocalypse getting a UK DVD release?

    16. David Edwards Says:

      I’ve worked in the film industry for the last ten years and worked on some of the highest budget films to date, including a few of which Asylum have made counter parts.

      I’d like to express that i feel completely abused! While watching your films my skin crawls and twitches with the feeling of parasites moving under my skin and hairy tentacles caressing my breasts. After enduring the experience i immediately seek the nearest shower to wash away the filth that grows through my pores. From watching a wide selecting of your library i am currently in a state of counselling with my local priest under taking daily therapy sessions. My life is ruined! Brians life is ruined! and Percy, well he hasn’t spoken since watching Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus!

      Love you guys! love your films! if people don’t get it then .. oh well :)


    17. LOLICAKE Says:

      Just can’t wait to see more giant monsters from The Asylum before the world’s end in December.
      I’d love to see a remake of Twilight where a freakin humongus Shark (or a gigantic reptile) would feast on all that faggy vampires.

      Your movies are pure fun.

      Seriously guys, you rock.

    18. ancestorsrelic Says:

      I am a little bit late, but i must admit, i love your movies! Since my childhood i was a fan of Creature Feature-movies, and today even the big studios often try to emulate the unique B-movie feeling in their million-dollar productions (e.g. Cowboys and Aliens). But to be honest: I prefer real, true B-movies that didn’t pretend to be more over all the perfect “Hollywood B-move fakes”: Cowboys and Aliens is technically perfect made, but without a real soul. It take itself way too serious! The Asylum would had made it better: With way cheaper FX, but surely with the real B-movie spirit and a lot of entertaining fun!
      Go, Go, Go The Asylum: Give me more monsters and more bikini-girls as screaming food! ;-)

      P.S. Please pardon my poor english.

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