From the Set: Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Friday, December 16th, 2011 @ 11:43 am | Headline, News, Releases

Principal photography has just wrapped on NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and the first production stills can be seen here.

Dominique Swain and Jake Busey play researchers in modern day Antarctica who discover a secret Nazi base hidden in the center of the hollow Earth.

NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH marks the directorial debut of our own VFX Supervisor, Joe Lawson, from a script by yours truly.

The Nazi Invasion (of DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD) begins on April 24, 2012.

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    9 Responses to “From the Set: Nazis at the Center of the Earth”

    1. robert Says:

      sooooooo youll make a movie about zombie nazis at the center of the earth BUT YOU WONT MAKE MY IDEA ZOMBIESAURS REX VS PIRANHADON

    2. Ben Says:

      I think Robert may be on to something here…

    3. Michael Allen Says:

      This is going to be the S&^%!

    4. Dennis Says:

      Why not make something like the Fatherland?

    5. Rick Says:

      Screw The Dark Knight Rises, this is my most anticipated film of 2012.

    6. Gudars Skymning Says:

      You gotta be fkkin kidding… You ran out of bigbudgetmovies to rip off? :)
      Ill doublefeature this with the original one, Iron Sky.
      You can never have enough moon/space/earth/zombie/whatever-nazis. :D
      This is indeed going to be S¤%¤e

    7. Bobby Says:

      I love Dominique Swain! This movie just jumped high the hell up on my must watch list!

    8. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Zombiesaurus Rex? ………… yep, that’s a seller just from the title alone :D

    9. FancyElbows Says:

      The title alone is probably the greatest achievement in cinematic history.

      I want to see this film!

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