From the Set: Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 @ 5:50 pm | Headline, News, Releases

Production on ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES has wrapped in Savannah and the team has finally sent us some production stills.

You can see them here in anticipation of the DVD/VOD release on May 29, 2012.

Happy Belated President’s Day!

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    10 Responses to “From the Set: Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies”

    1. Rick Says:

      The coolest thing ever to go down at Fort Pulaski period.

    2. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Movies The Asylum COULD have made …

      When A Strangler Calls

      Men In Black Suits
      Meet The In-Laws
      Planet Ape Rises
      Falling Sky … (007 Sky Fall)
      Oh My God Bruce … (Bruce Almighty)

      Oh well, you could still make “Jurassic Pond” :D (Piranha 3DD)

    3. Matthew Mosley Says:

      I forgot …
      Sex In The City :)
      The Mummy’s Tomb
      Star Trekker
      Captain U.S
      The Kung Fu Kid (I’d have written it for free)
      Dark Rise Of The Knight (maybe this too)
      Wanted: Dead Or Alive
      Ass Kicker
      Back To The Past
      The Devil Wears Gucci
      Air Force Two (or “The Presidents Plane)
      Deadly Weapon (they’re rebooting Leathal weapon ;) )
      G.I. John
      The Crazy Professor
      9 Mile
      My Dog Marley
      An American Reunion
      16 And Pregnant (Juno)
      The Green Wasp (The Green Hornet :D)

    4. Matthew Mosley Says:

      Okay I’ll stop now … but just to mention, they’re doing Scary Movie 4 so, maybe a Spooky Movie is in need ;)

    5. notta fan Says:

      ok i gave you guys a chance by watching a couple of your so-called movies. transmorphers and battle ny. you guys fucking suck. you rip off of REAL movies and cling on to their coat tails as long as you can. horrible acting and graphics. whats even more sad is that you jack the storylines of real movies and still manage to butcher them. i mean come on, over half the work is already done for you! you are probably asking yourselves, “if this person hates our films sooooooo much,what is he doing on our site?” well,i did’nt get on here to browse or anything. just watching those two films got me really pissed at the asylum and i had to give an opinion on your. . . .work i guess YOU want to call it even though half of it was already done. Are you guys actually proud of this crap? Do you even watch it? Do you know what a retake is? A retake is when you RE-TAKE a scene that turned out looking like a ball of monkey crap the first time. You guys do have money to make MOVIES but don’t do it. You just milk whatever is popular at the time without caring of the finished product. like in battle ny,half the movie is of the bitch walking and EVERYTIME she walks,you guys try to be all fucking artsy with the shit by changing views of her walking. you zoom out, you zoom in, you get in front of her, you get above her, you zoom onto her legs, you zoom back out, IT’S LIKE YOUR FUCKING HER WITH THE CAMERA! AND WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HER WALKING, IT’S FUCKING FEET!!! Also when her and the dude fuck towards the end,whats up with the black and white filter? fucking pointless, at that point its already too late to save the garbage you “created”. most of the move you can’t hear what anyone is saying because of the wind; get better microphones. Transmorphers. . . .o man,REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?! The aliens look sooooo bad haha, it’s pathetic. a gradeschooler could have done the same work. NOTHING WAS IN SYNC. the voices were off and when the humans were shooting the aliens,the people were just pulling the trigger like crazy but only like a forth of the time did anything actually come out of the gun. The people would go flying up in the air before they even got hit. THE LESBIANS. You tried to make that a main focus of the “movie” to draw attention from the disaster that surrounded it but,you failed at that too. If you want that much attention on the lesbians, make em do some lesbian shit. the kissed one time,that’s it. And it wasn’t even after they were reunited after the bitch thought her wife was dead. I gave this company a chance but they failed horribly, even porn has better dialogue than this. I apologize for this rant,but i had too. no hard feelings The Asylum, keep doing your so-called “original movies” good luck on “YOUR” future success.

    6. David Latt Says:

      I agree. Bales, you suck as a filmmaker. Especially BATTLE NY. One of the worst pieces of shit films you’ve ever done. The Lesbians were totally unrealistic in that film.

    7. Matthew Mosley Says:

      @notta fan: So you don’t like their movies? :D

      I agree the effects are shit (and I’m pretty sure they know it so you wasted your time telling them) and the acting … okay some is bad … but some just lOOKS bad due to bad camera work (not to give you more ammo but camera placement is important)

      Anyway, if you ever watch another movie by The Asylum I reccomend watching SEX POT. If you don’t like it at least you can jerk to it (boobs EVERYWHERE)

      Anyway, nice hearing from you. Next time you’re at the doctors, get your blood pressure checked ;)

    8. robert Says:

      lets see some poster art for lincoln va zombies

    9. ajle9550 Says:

      I was honestly hoping for another Sherlock Holmes movie. I loved the original one, and I was hoping once SH: A Game of Shadows came out, I wanted to see The Asylum’s take on it. I was praying you guys would make a film, seeing Ben Syder and Gareth David-Lloyd together as Sherlock and Watson again would have been awesome.

      Maybe “Sherlock Holmes 2: From the Shadows”.

    10. Jim Pearson Says:

      This goes out to notta fan, I dont think you understand that the idea in life, at least for me, is, to make as much money as you can, doing something you love to do and have a passion for, and the Asylum team does just that…… If you dont like their movies, dont watch them….just buy copies of their movies for all your friends!!!!! :o)

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