The Upside: The Asylum Pays for Pre-School

Friday, March 9th, 2012 @ 7:46 am | Headline, News, Other

Traci Lords in the Huffington Post.

I will never watch five minutes of one of her porn films again!


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    7 Responses to “The Upside: The Asylum Pays for Pre-School”

    1. Exverlobter Says:

      What for a self-important bitch!
      She behaves as if she was an important has-been Hollywood-Star, that has to do B-Movies to pay the rent.
      But concerning her Post-Porn-carreer she played always Bit-parts in B-movies.

      BTW, her porn career.
      She has previously trashed her previous emplyoers before. It is no surprise that she does it again.

    2. robert Says:

      so her being in a gang-bang is ok she ever think its not the movie that suckd it was her shes a lot of practice

    3. Rick Says:

      She should have at least said that “at least my film was called Princess of Mars”

      Still; good for Asylum for helping further children’s education.

    4. Mako Says:

      I love the way she brags about being in the business for “over two decades” yet claims she did the film because she needed the money.

      Princess, you did the movie because, unlike Disney, Warners, Paramont, etc., The sweet-hearts at the Asylum called you back.

      Now do us all a favor and take whatever was left after the preschool bill and life sustaining supplies (Botox and recreational narcotics) and invest in some acting lessons. Then maybe those big-budget dreams of yours will come true.

      You don’t see Ginger Lynn bitching about this stuff.

    5. Matthew Mosley Says:

      “I will never watch five minutes of one of her porn films again!”

      … and so you shouldn’t, it’s ILLEGAL. She was only 18 in one film.

    6. Exverlobter Says:

      @Matthew Mosley

      Not, if he orders a European Tape. It’s still legal here.

    7. Princess of Mars « asylumfan Says:

      [...] reading the article with Traci Lords bragging about being in “Princess of Mars” I had to watch it again.  When she said it was “bad, very bad” I’m assuming she meant that [...]

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