Weather? The World Rips Off The Asylum Again

Sunday, May 20th, 2012 @ 11:54 pm | Headline, News, Releases

Here’s the “official” story for why the retired USS Iowa, that star of AMERICAN WARSHIPS,  hasn’t arrived in Los Angeles:

Can anyone say Cover Up?

Get the real story tomorrow, when AMERICAN WARSHIPS is released on DVD and VOD.

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    6 Responses to “Weather? The World Rips Off The Asylum Again”

    1. Mike Says:

      Sooooo – you’re saying the movie is actually “Found Footage”

    2. Robert Says:

      Guys your Movies suck. Learn how to make good Movies and get some nice Actos and not that Bunch of lame #+”§%/(“)§%8

    3. Ivanova Says:


      4 mg earthquake off shore LA where USS Iowa was located.

      See report here:

      ” Earthquake Strikes Under USS Iowa ”


    4. Bangladesh Says:

      Dear Asylum many of your films have confounded and confused and outraged many people with their poor quality, poor quality in actually making films that are enjoyable to watch.
      worst of all are the utterly boring ones.

      You clearly have the potential to do much better, and have the unique oppurtunity to do away with cliches and try something risky and daring, in the case of films like Alien vs Hunter Transmorphers and other sci fi films, if they are going to be bad quality, have fun being tongue in cheek make the film a laugh over the top and cheesy, please keep your audiences in mind. something is very wrong if a film production company is only well known for how bad particular titles people stumble across are.

    5. Vinniejster Says:

      Love your movies guys.
      The cheesy special effects make it that much more awesome.

    6. Phoenix Says:

      Asylum movies give me 100 times more joy and pleasure than any that high-budget crap. They are so lame and boring, while Asylum’s masterworks are purely amazing.

      My favourite moment is epic shark jump from Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus! The expresttion of guy was priceless!

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