Not Dead

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 @ 1:17 pm | Headline, News, Other

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted anything here in a very long time. Between poking sticks at tigers, reading our fan mail, and producing two¬†crappy movies a month, I just haven’t had the time it takes to come up with these little¬†gems.

So, I’ve hired someone to do it for me.

Meet Marie Bertonneau, our new Social Media and Marketing Coordinator.

marie_bane.pngIn addition to updating our website, she’ll be posting on Facebook and Twitter, acting as liaison with reviewers and media, and interracting with our “fans.”

Be nice to her. Despite her villainous appearance, she’s very nice and she’s not responsible for the movies we make.

Save your vitriol for Latt.

Please join me in welcoming Marie to The Asylum family.

I look forward to seeing what she does with the site.

Now, if only I could understand why she talks with a weird accent…

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    8 Responses to “Not Dead”

    1. Jesse Says:

      Glad to see you’re still around. Makes me feel like my tweet reminded you guys to talk to us.

      But seriously, though. Giant robots fighting Mega Shark. Great idea.

    2. Rick Says:

      Huzzah, now I got Spamalot’s ‘not yet dead’ ringing in my head

    3. Chris M Says:

      WELCOME MMARIE ! Now get me some interviews !!!
      -Chris aka Guestars blog
      also president of The ‘PAUL BALES For World Monarch’ fan club !

    4. Bobbu Says:

      Glad to see you guys still being activate. Hi Marie! What’s your Bane impression like?

      Anyone else as stoked for ‘Atlantic Rim’ as I am?

    5. Maarten Says:

      Thank Gawd your back. I am from Holland, and I am a fan. Please ignore the Gerard you quoted in your fanmail-section. We all love you here!

    6. Daniel Says:

      Hi there, I’m just wondering, you know your movies suck as hell but yet you make them, right? for no special reason but earning money… good idea to be honest :) keep it up!

    7. Tom Giddens Says:

      Welcome to the Asylum family, Marie. Just wanted to let you all know I absolutely LOVE your films. I don’t care what people have to say about ‘em. I’m a strong supporter of your films and will continue to do so til you quit making them. Most Respectfully, Tom Giddens

    8. Christopher Burke Says:

      Dear Asylum.

      Y’see, I thoroughly enjoy a lot of your movies. The Internet thing works for me, I see bits of them online then I buy them. I’ve got about 35 of them now (mainly the special effect-y ones) and they’re all fast moving, excellent dialogue (you’ve always been great at writing dialogue) and – in the face of what many people say – very good story ideas, even in the ‘mockbuster’ ones. In fact some of the mockbusters had better plots than the originals. I’d loved to have seen Sinbad get a proper cinema release, for instance, same with ‘The Haunting of Winchester House’ and ‘Moby Dick 2010′, both of which were lovely, atmospheric movies. And all the shark ones are fun. Why shouldn’t going to the cinema just be fun, with a decent sci-fi plot – one of the reasons your Sci-Fi channel ones pull in the ratings is because they’re good.

      People on IMDB do the ‘hating’ thing because, for whatever reason, it would be ‘uncool’ NOT to diss an Asylum film purely because it’s an Asylum film – I reckon half of them haven’t even SEEN the recent ones. Me, I watch them all the time. I even loved ‘Santa’s Little Yelpers’ (4-star ‘groooaaan!’ at whoever thought THAT title up!) Is it obvious it was done on a tight budget? For sure – that’s WHY it works. I felt I was going along with a 90-minute game, on the same level as the actors, not being ‘spoken down to’ by a bunch of overpaid so-called ‘stars’. I feel ‘involved’ in your movies and it’s great.

      Keep the CGI movies up – I’ve even made a ‘Sharktopus’ T-shirt, the scene where he’s in a tree(!) There’s a ‘Battledog’ on the back (again – great idea, great movie, should’ve had a cinema run.)

      Don’t start thinking on the same lines as the IMDB idiots – your movies are fun and well worth watching. Some, like ‘The Haunting’ are genuinely every bit as good as ‘Blair Witch!’ And better! Keep ‘em up!

      Yours respectfully, Chris.

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