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A gray morning dawns over Los Angeles as our fair city’s shell-shocked citizens try to pick up the pieces left by last night’s SHARKNADO. Our collective mind has been blown, utterly. This event, and I do not say this lightly, will be forever branded on our cultural consciousness.


The Internet is littered with flotsam and jetsam left by the storm: memes, reviews, recaps, a Photoshopped image of “SharkNader,” a potential Damon Lindelof sequel…and I’m going to do my best to collect and deposit them here!


Welcome to the ULTIMATE SHARKNADO POST-GAME GUIDE, The Asylum’s omnibus of the best (and probably also worst) Sharknado reaction material. I will post more and more as the day goes on, so keep an eye on us.





NY Mag: “‘Sharknado’ in Five GIFs”

The Hollywood Reporter: “How many victims did ‘Sharknado’ claim?”


NBC TODAY Show: “A Dramatic ‘Sharknado’ Reading”

The Main Damie: “5 Things We Learned from ‘Sharknado’”

Warming Glow: “An Important Discussion about ‘Sharknado’”



TIME: “Perfect Storm: The Genius of ‘Sharknado’”

Entertainment Weekly: “Another Syfy disaster film gone horribly right”

The New York Post: “This is why they invented cable TV.”

L.A. Times: “’Sharknado’ keeps TV real”

Salon: “’Sharknado’ saves the summer!”

The A.V. Club: “A”

The New Yorker: “We Watched ‘Sharknado’”

Paste Magazine: Sharknado does what it’s supposed to do better than almost all of its peers.”

E! Online: “Oh, you didn’t watch Sharknado, Syfy’s latest made-for-TV movie? Do you feel like the nerd at the sleepover who fell asleep first?”

New York Daily News: “If you miss it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

Washington Post: “Your must-see summer movie”



The New York Times: “‘Sharknado’ Tears Up Twitter”

TMZ: “Tara Reid is ‘down for a SHARKNADO sequel!’”

NY Mag: “Chumming the Waters”

Rolling Stone: “’Sharknado’ Washes Over Twitter”

L.A. Times: “’Sharknado’ creates a social media storm”

The Hollywood Reporter: “‘Sharknado’ Draws More Tweets than Game of Thrones Wedding Episode” 

CNN: “’Sharknado hijacks Twitter”

The New Yorker: “The Number: Zero”

GQ: “The Company Behind ‘Sharknado’”

Yahoo: “‘Sharknado’ Hits California Hard, Internet Even Harder”

USA Today: “Celebs dish about ‘Sharknado’”

Mother Jones: “Can ‘Sharknado’ really happen?”/”A movie for our times”




The Hollywood Reporter: “’Sharknado’ director on secrets, sequels and success of the social media sensation”; “‘Sharknado producers want Damon Lindelof, Johnny Depp for potential sequel”

io9: “’We asked the writer of ‘Sharknado’ some very serious questions”

Reddit: Director Anthony C. Ferrante and Line Producer Devin Ward: Ask Us Anything!

BuzzFeed: “‘Sharknado’ Director Speaks: ‘I’m sitting here kind of numb.’”

Assignment X: “Jaason Simmons is Not in Kansas Anymore”

Bloomberg Market Makers: Paul Bales in “The Big Business of Low-Budget Films”



The Adam Carolla Show: Ian Ziering and Anthony Ferrante 7/15/13


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    1. Kevin Bachelder Says:

      I interviewed Thunder Levin, the writer of Sharknado & the writer/director of AE: Apocolypse Earth on my podcast a few weeks ago – http://tuningintoscifitv.com/2013/05/17/saturday-b-movie-reel-111-writerdirector-thunder-levin-talks-about-ae-apocalypse-earth-and-sharknado/

    2. Liz Says:

      Disappointing to see an ad for Sharknado merchandise on your front page but find nothing in your store. :( Hope this is rectified!

    3. Rick Says:

      Very sad I missed this (sorry, Pacific Rim beckoned) will be catching it on the rerun.

    4. Phil Haberkorn Says:

      While watching Sharknado, I was struck by the resemblance between Cassie Scerbo and Jillian Barberie. At first, I thought it was Jillian, than I remembered the gal in the movie is a little too young to be Jillian. S’pose Jillian could play Cassie’s twin sister in Sharknado 2? OK, so Jillian’s a little older than Cassie, which is easily explained in the story line by Jillian being born first, then their Mom being placed in suspended animation until she could be cured of an incurable disease years later, and then she went back into the maternity ward……Or hey, one of the airborne sharks flew threw a time-warp, and it wasn’t really Cassie the guy carbed out of the shark in the closing sequence, it was her twin sister, so in Sharknado 2 you have to re-create the time warp to save Cassie. Oh, sorry, I bet you already have a plot for the sequel. You guys do work with plots, right?…

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