The Asylum is the most prolific mini studio in Hollywood, producing 10-15 films a year, and releasing over 300 films since launching in 1997.

The Asylum Production and News Blog is the source for information about upcoming productions, company news, reviews, and making movies The Asylum Way (badly).  

46 Responses to “About”

  1. David Williams Says:

    You guys crack me up. Love what you are doing. Fight the good fight! When Red Scream grows up we want to be just like you! Or also making porn. Whichever comes first (no pun intended).

  2. Melvin Hadley Says:

    I am eager to submit a treatment for a movie. Please email me whenever you can accept submissions again.

  3. CP Says:

    SPHINX is an european mystery/horror thriller whose previous version was optioned in 2005 by Fox Searchlight.

    Is there any way to submit this project to ASYLUM for production and distribution…



  4. Joe Hostage Says:

    Can you do a Dinosaur Movie Like “Tyrannosaurus Rex: THe creature who stomped the earth grounds” The Uncut Version? Please?

  5. Damon Ledner Says:

    All I’m saying is this. I have created the mother of all horror movies, so someone better get back to me. Otherwise I’m getting my video camera I normally use to tape my wife and I screwing and using it to make a movie that will take over the universe.

  6. Ant'juan "Phantom" Avri Says:

    Nice catalog of films. I want to act in Asylum films. What would it take to be in a film or 3? I’d like info and guidelines, acting tips, whatever would be helpful.-Phantom

  7. Brian Says:

    I really wonder how I can work for Asylum someday. I can’t wait till I graduate from college so I can apply.

  8. Andrew Norris Says:

    Well done, everyone! Some people may complain, but I love your mockbuster films! I can’t wait to see what you have planned to counter-act the upcoming film version of “I, Claudius”! How about “I, Spartacus” or “I, Caesar”? Either way, I know it’ll be more bearable than these unconvincing films Hollywood are churning out right now.

  9. Brandy T Says:

    My husband and I rented “The Day the Earth Stopped” through Redbox… very clever… we were fooled into thinking it was the real version with Keanu Reeves. What a waste of money!! If I could complain to the FCC, I would. The preview was borderline pornographic… boobs, butts, dildos… You get the picture. What if my child was in the room? Clearly, this company has no moral values whatsoever. Real nice, on of your staff is shooting a bird in the “contact” page. I will do all I can to discourage people from seeing your movies. I am absolutely disgusted!

  10. McHuge Says:

    Okay, I’ve got a couple of awesome film ideas that will be HUGE!!

    1) A scientist conducting a secret experiment is exposed to huge levels of gamma radiation whose side effects cause him to become extremely angry and transform into a huge humanoid creature. He travels the United States on foot looking for a cure pursued by a relentless reporter looking for the truth. Not sure about a title, but I’m thinking something along the lines of “The Amazing Hulking Man”

    2) A police officer is brutally murdered and subsequently re-created as a super-human cyborg known as (get this one!) “Robot-Cop”. (genius , I know!)

    3) A story of a young soldier named Juan Rico and his exploits in the Mobile Infantry, a futuristic military unit equipped with powered armor in an interstellar war between mankind and an arachnoid species known as “the Bugs”. I’d call it “Spaceship Troops”.

    4) Okay one more – This movie follows the adventures of the starship Megatron and its crew, led by Captain John Connor, First Officer Uncle Bob and his Chief Medical Officer Lenny Leonard who are on a five-year mission to explore strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations. They basically go where no man has gone before. Advertures happen with various other aliens, robots and furry creatures. I’d call it “Star Trip”.

    There are plenty more where those came from. Get back to me!

  11. Sadelis Anders Says:

    Hhahaha, why bother letting people leave comments here? All i’ve seen here is hate mail!

    Why not use the piles of cash you get from your producers to hire writers that know how to actually write, rather than plagiarize the high-budget hollywood blockbusters. A good plot goes a long way (with little need for unconvincing special effects).

    But, hey what do I know about making movies? Maybe this actually makes you money! That’s all that matters – right?

  12. Admin Says:

    Most of your ideas are pretty interesting, but the first one is obviously a blatant rip-off of a controversial Ang Lee film.

    Brokeback Mountain…

  13. Admin Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, but we’re already using our piles of cash for rolling papers.

  14. McHuge Says:

    5) Set in Chicago in the mid-1980s, this film would explore the rivalry between two teenage gangs of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The young protagonist, Billy, who is a Chicago Cubs fan, falls in love with Paris, the sister of the rival gang’s leader who cheers for the White Sox. I’d call it “South Side Story”

    6) This film tells the rags-to-riches American Dream story of Ricky Zwerbach, an uneducated but good-hearted Jewish debt collector for a loan shark in Detroit. But Ricky is more than just muscle collecting money for the Kosher Nostra, he’s a hard nosed street fighter who gets a shot at competing in the UFC’s biggest event when the scheduled contender breaks his nose. Not sure on the title, but maybe you can use the heros first name “Ricky”.

    7) This one is a bit out there, but the film follows a group of ex-United States Army Special Forces who work as soldiers of fortune while being on the run from the military for a “crime they didn’t commit”. They’re on a mission to rescue hostages from a guerrilla group in Afghanistan. Unknowingly, the group is hunted by an extraterrestrial lifeform whose sinister intent is to replace them while they sleep with perfect physical duplicates grown from plantlike pods, while their human victims turn to dust. I’d call it “The Predators”


  15. McHuge Says:

    What happened to “The Terminators”? Are seeing my great ideas did you guys decide to re-boot the franchise?

  16. John Says:

    You guys need to beat Brad Pitt to the punch with a zombie world war epic. That’s a sure fire hit!

  17. Sadelis Anders Says:

    •Changerobots 2: Vengeance of the Descended
    How about doing these… I’ve been itching for a good flick to watch these days:

    •G.I Jake: Ascension of Taipan
    •Pulsar Battles: Chronicle II: Attack of the Copies
    •Minneapolis Bones and the Empire of the Diamond Cranium
    •Pugilism Society
    •Donald Darkness
    •28 Rotations of the Earth in relation to the sun later.
    •Rescuing Corporal Bryan
    •The 40 year old whose never had sex
    •The Unbelievable Bulk

  18. McHuge Says:

    I dunno Sadelis Anders , your Unbelievable Bulk idea sounds like a knockoff of my “The Amazing Hulking Man” idea above…. what kind of movies do you think Asylum is making here? ;)

  19. Yolandra Melontalent Says:

    I would like to see any and all of the following:

    Triassic Park

    The Silence of the Hams

    Pap Fiction


    Some Like it Tit and Fannie Hall (parental advisory)

    There Will Be Mud

    Iron Men

    No Country For Old Ben

    Larry Potter and the half blood prints

    (You’re fired. Ed.)

  20. MAD Says:

    go to hell, bitches

  21. Film Fodder Says:

    “go to hell, bitches” is a great line. Gonna steal it.

  22. Khan Says:

    Do you guys have a mailing list? If you did, I would totally rent your movies on Netflix like crazy. You should at least have that, or a Yahoo! Group.

  23. Joel Friesen Says:

    I watched Shark vs octopus. I was drawn in by efficient writing (revealing the at the same time! genius!)horrible racist characters and awful awful acting and sets. I loved every second of it! You made my day and I would give my right nut to work there, if I wasn’t so sure it would be some sort of slave labour camp.

  24. Larry Says:

    Here’s some more you might want to give a try, Asylum;
    -American Ugly
    -Being Leigh Scott
    -Four Bars and a Strip Club
    -Kill Phil
    -To Kill a Giant Fish while fighting a prehistoric monster (courtoom action drama)
    and finally,
    -The Lord of the Ankle Bracelets

    You guys have an great business, you’re movies are always good for a laugh!

  25. Dave Says:

    You know what? People have a go at your company, whilst I have never liked “all” your films. You fill a little niche of “B” style movies, that can be watched on a lazy evening without any effort.

    One movie idea? The Smog? You know what I am talking about. Thick smog comes down over a store, in a suburb of LA from the hills, next minute creatures come from all over. Trying to get in and kill the people. Easy location, plenty of stores to film in or use a studio. Not much of a set to build. You guys have CGI coming out of your ears, so some CGI creatures would be easy.

    Like it?


  26. Angelo Bell Says:

    Hey guys…YOU love Cooper Harris. I love Cooper Harris

    You’ve hired her for 3 or four TA films, I’ve hired her for my film.

    check out the trailer…


  27. J Eric Murphy Says:

    Any way I can write movies for you guys? I have an idea for an Avengers Mockbuster. Currently I am writing book that is like a mockbuster of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies taking a classic work of literature and Zombifying it up. My title right now on that is classified until I self publish or find a publisher.

  28. Jacquetta Szathmari Says:

    You are awesome. More of the 2010 Moby Dick-esque stuff please.

  29. Dean Troxell Says:

    I am really looking forward to the collectors edition of the “Mutant Shark” Trilogy (Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Mega-Shark vs. Crocosaurus, Two Headed Shark). The stuffed animals and take out coupon for Red Lobster are quite appealing!

    OH and also Sharktopus! Oh WAIT, that isn’t an Asylum Film! (you REALLY dropped the ball on that one… I WANT A SHARKTOPUS STUFFED ANIMAL!) I actually thought Asylum put it out when I first heard about it and feel bad that you didn’t when I found out. so PLEASE think of something MORE INSANE, to put that Sharktopus IN IT’S PLACE.

  30. JibbaJabba Says:

    Its one thing to make crappy B movies, I suppose thats some peoples’ thing. Then you have these Asylum pieces of shit. Fooling the public into watching your movies? Blatantly copying original works? I guess money takes the place of morals for some.

    Shame on anyone who gives these losers money, or even watches their films. Shame on you poor D list actors for not having the pride to turn roles down in these travesties.

    Fuck Asylum in their unoriginal asses.

  31. CoD Says:

    ehh..really if you all wanna look at it that way, look how movies are rolling out every year, way similar. But thats every where, why is every one jumping down on Asylum? guess they are an easy target leaving their page open to public criticism. But thats what makes this so great! we can say what we want right? well its there right to make movies how ever they fucken wish. Personally, being a BIG scary movie buff here, I still like their movies. No matter how silly some are. ITS ENTERTAINMENT!! DUH! 8213: Gacy House still has me wondering if some of the cams was real or not. My mind says its not. But damn it, it freaked me out.

  32. AprilFoolsRebel Says:

    Keep on doing what you’re doing! If only because we haven’t seen Rick Astley in one of your movies yet. YET.

  33. Spookycat Says:

    come on people you show nice looking ladies with nice figures wearing very little, give us female viewers something nice to look at too. a shirtless dude would be nice once in while, or twice in a while..:). p.s your movies are so funny!!!!

  34. 2012ZombieApocolypse Says:

    The movie “2012 Zombie Apocolypse” was very entertaining. Just finished watching it and look forward to future Asylum films. :)

  35. craig Says:

    can you make a film based on doctor who or torchwood

  36. ajle9550 Says:

    You guys should get into the gaming business.

  37. Lulu Says:

    I love your work, and I hope that I can see my idea for a film become one with your help! This company is amazing! Keep up the outstanding work!

  38. Harlowe Thrombey Says:

    Some of your movies are better than the big budget similar movies. Journey to the Center of the Earth by The Asylum, was far better than the big box office 3-D version. I love your fixation on dinosaurs. Your special effects are more enjoyable to watch… More plausible than their big time counterparts. Keep up the great work.

  39. Jay Says:

    Just watched “2012: Ice Age” for the first time. Actually enjoyed it, more so as a comedy. The fake car speeding around the corner about halfway through the movie made everyone here die laughing. Not a bad plot but the graphics need major work before I would consider this to be a serious movie.

  40. niall g Says:

    you guys are awesome 1 of the films about the shark was cool not so keen on the thor spin off but you know i hope to make a low budget b movie about werewolves in ireland eventually

  41. Crapler Says:

    The amount of Pornstars (or ex) appearing in your movies that even can act to some degree is very interessting, i find it cool that you give them a platform todo something else :)

  42. Doug Wilson Says:

    That “Age of Hobbits” or whatever its called now wasn’t half bad actually. There’s some small details that don’t make sense, but I’d actually like to see another one of those with those little people. I wonder how complicated it was to arrange filming in Cambodia or wherever the hell it was. It seems like there would be a story about whether it was easier there, or an absolute nightmare. I loved the whole homo floresiensis concept there, I can only assume that the executives at Asylum are committed to getting shit done fast and cheap and could care less about whether these movies are worth anything in the end to people, but you might have a genuine cult movie on your hands with this one. There’s some interesting stuff in this movie. Ah, well, as much as I enjoy the whole troma-corman style, once and a while you guys should take like 5 minutes and look a little closer at some of these scripts and see there might be something a little more worthwhile in them, the payoff might be a little bigger. There’s nothing wrong with making a ‘good’ movie once and a while, don’t you think? If I was trading in properties, I’d buy this sucker off your hands as soon as possible, there’s some honest to goodness real fun in it, and I could see a whole series. Get weirder, guys… like a lot weirder, the weirder your shit gets, I think the more benefit you will see. I haven’t the slightest clue of how you put together a movie to be made, but I’d seriously hope you consider the idea of trying out some really really weird shit that doesn’t totally rely on the ‘mockbuster’ marketing gimmick. I think you could do it.

  43. quinton tarzanman Says:

    you,you,you .i don;t even have a word to describe what or who you are.All i know is im extreamly pissed that you daft untalented asylum work shop not even worthy to be called a movie company.the blue ray nazis at the center of the eartrh and the only way you sneaky ametuer bunch of losers sucked me into buying this worthless piece of shit was the blue ray cover and bull shit title.if that dosen;t add insult to injury the lousy piece of shit blue ray was defective or not authored properly,thats what i think it really was,what gets up my ass the so called director of this all time worst piece of shit i have evewr seen does a commentary and praises this garbage and trys to include robert rodreques,i cant spell his last name as an influence such as praising roberts mini sewris in mnovie making.Man if a project this horrible came my way I would not ruin my chances of becomming an actual director by claiming I dirtected this piece of shit and further ruining himself my making a commentary.i think thats not only directoir suicide but actors,d.p effects etc if this was used as thier resume they would never be hired in the so called movie buisness again
    what i think is some dick or realative of a dude that has millions of dollarts to burn created this loser fiasco asylum http://www.cc.i wouldnt direct a piece of shit like this and use my name,after people see this overused zombie gimic plot shit.dude you dont use your real name as director on a stinker like this you use an alias alan j smithy if your at all a director youell know what i mean you use your real name on the worst piece of garbage i have ever seen and i have over 1200 movies ranging from back to the fifties to present and i actully like b movie bombs but this dose not even qualify as a movie in fact i angerly through it in the garbage after painfully trying to watch this….i don’t have words man.its simply stinks,a 11 year old could write the plot for this and im not even going to say storyline because it isnt worth it.i sinceriuly hope you people have the guts or balls to read from those of us that have been shasmmed into purchasing this turd clinker because its the only way i can get even wiuth you for ripping me since we all know you cant take a opened disc back so if i can’t get my money back at least it brings me pleasure to be able to rant on how terrible this hunk of shit is,so if you losers read your critics and have read mine then it was at least worth the price to be able to tell you losers to find another job
    and dont quit your day jobs unless youve found a sugerdaddy that can through millions of dollars away and not give a shit.i know the mob used to make shitty movies just to launder thier money but they were mnovies,this turd of a video isnt.and they say edward wood was the worst director of all time well i think you guys have set a new standard and stolen his title as the worst director of all time,your site should be called thje worst movies of all time although i dont credit them as movies

  44. peter Says:

    Can you please either make a movie to explain or help us understand the following unanswered questions – a very heated discussion was around this.

    When the Zombie Apocalypse happens and some humans decided to go sailing to get away from the zombies but the zombies decided to go after the people in the boats by swimming:-

    1. Can zombies swim?
    2. Being in the water all that time will they fall apart?
    3. If a shark attacks them and eats them will the shark by transference become a zombie?
    4. Do Zombies eat sharks?
    5 If a zombie bites a shark will it become a zombie?
    6. What would a shark zombie do?
    6.1 will it go after other fish and turn them into zombies?
    6.2 will the other fish have defences that would be able to conquer the shark threat?
    7. Are zombies jaws strong enough to penetrate a sharks brain cavity?
    8. If a Zombie attacks a Seal, would the Seal be able to over come the sharks and change the evolution of the ocean predatoral system
    9. Would this mean and end to Seal clubbing?

    If you could answer these it would be good

    If you make a movie we have a few suggestion for the title
    Shark Vs Zombies


  45. Gee Says:

    Some people on IMDB hate you so much but I actually enjoy watching your movies. I get the idea is “low budget”, so I think people should stop complaining. If they don’t like it, just stop the movie. Ex. The title gives it all, “2 Headed Shark”! Do they expect it to be a logical movie?
    It’s not easy to find good movies even on big screen theatre. Lower the expectation and may get a surprise. I actually enjoyed watching AE Apocalypse Earth and Titanic 2. Anyway, keep up the good work. And surprise us!

  46. Joe Nash Says:

    I thought your company did a perfectly fine version of Edgar Rice Burrough’s “Princess of Mars” given your lower production budgets. Since Disney has decided to Chloroform the “John Carter” franchise, why doesn’t your company make some more “John Carter” sequels? (The source material is a century old and is now Public Domain no matter what Disney might say.)

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