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Asylum Mega International Down-and-Dirty Costume Contest

Oct 29, 2014 in Headline, News, Other, Releases, VIP

Asylum fans, we know some of you are going all out for Halloween this year! Whether you’re dressing as a Sharknado, a Z from Z Nation, 2-headed shark, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, or anything else that’s ever been in an Asylum film, we want to see those costumes—and we have a prize for best in show.


We’ll show off our favorite costumes on our Facebook page, and the best costume will win a library of ten films from The Asylum.


To enter, like us on Facebook, then send a photo and a brief description of your costume to or post it to our Facebook page by the end of the day Tuesday, November 4th. Winners will be judged Wednesday, November 5th.


Have fun – and don’t forget to tune into an all-new Z Nation on Halloween night! 10 pm, only on Syfy.


A fan shows his Sharknado pride - you can too!

A fan shows his Sharknado pride – you can too!

Everybody Has One

Jun 26, 2014 in Headline, News, Other

I miss posting here, but I’m just far too busy these days to write things no one reads (Marie keeps telling me blogs are so 2009).

Normally I just ignore (or mock) negative emails I receive, but for some reason I’ve felt compelled to respond to this one:

This is not a letter of hate, or a letter of how much i like your “Films” But a letter of reason.

I don’t hate your films, but i don’t like them

Why do you bother making low-budget cheaply made films, with terrible actors and visuals? Can’t you think of your own creation without copying or mocking someone’s masterpiece? To be honest, i can’t believe that you haven’t been sued yet? What’s the point in making Alien VS Hunter? are you trying to win us over by making some crappy horrible cheap film, that everybody knows is nothing but a piece of shit.

I believe if you want to gain success, to be recognised, to not be considered “A low budget film company” Then I ask, many film makers have done it before, time and time again.. Make you own film for a change, instead of mocking someone else’s because you have no idea, how much time, money and effort goes into making a Blockbuster and we sure don’t need another one of your crappy “Mockbusters” consider this, for once, consider this.. Please

Yours Sincerely

No, Jeremy, yours is not a letter of reason. It’s an opinion.

Ignoring the fact that only about 20% of our movies are Mockbusters, I’ll tell you why we bother making them:

The Asylum has been in business for almost 17 years. We employ and provide benefits to 35 full time employees and production work for thousands of actors, directors, writers, and crew. Our movies have aired on Syfy, Lifetime, Animal Planet, Space, and Showtime. You can find them on Netflix, Hulu, Video-On-Demand, the three or four video stores that still exist, and available in more than 50 countries. We’ve made 200 movies and none of them have lost money.

None of this would be possible if everyone had the same opinion that you do. The fact is, there are millions of people who do like our movies. I’m sorry you’re not one of them.

I do agree with you about one thing though: Alien vs Hunter is a piece of shit.

But that’s just my opinion…

Produce a Scene in SHARKNADO 2!

Apr 21, 2014 in Headline, News, Other, Releases, VIP

Yes, that’s right – you can help fund a special fan-made scene in the hottest sequel of 2014. We’ve partnered with Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform, to bring fans into the movie. Check it out!


Join us!

Join us!

From the campaign:

The production team has come up with the idea to crowd fund a brand-new bonus scene, just for our fans. You guys made SHARKNADO the most culturally relevant film of last year. Now we want you to be able to say that this time, you actually had a hand in making the film. You’re welcome!

We don’t want to give away too much, but here’s what I can tell you: there will be sharks, chainsaws, and chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks.

We need $50,000 dollars to give this scene the treatment it deserves. Your money will go toward everything we need to make the scene work.

And, because we feel kind of bad about all the CGI sharks we’ve obliterated in our oeuvre, we’re also donating 10% of the proceeds from this campaign to the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami, which works tirelessly to save real live sharks in trouble!

Head over to the campaign page to learn more!

Holiday sale at The Asylum Store!

Dec 03, 2013 in Headline, News, Other

Enough said. No, seriously, enter code ENOUGHSAID at checkout to receive 15% off all DVDs in our store!

Treat yourself or someone special to a film or three from our catalogue, including SHARKNADO, the MEGA SHARK films, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES, and more.

Visit to shop and save, and have a happy holiday season!

MEGA SHARK 3 Fan Contest: Official Rules

Jul 15, 2013 in Headline, News, Other


So, you may have seen a little film we did recently called SHARKNADO.

Ever heard of MEGA SHARK?

If you love our shark movies, MEGA SHARK VS. MECHA SHARK, the third installment in the MEGA SHARK series, begins filming next month. Until then, we’re on the hunt for the craziest, most extreme, and all-around biggest Megafan to live the dream: if you can prove that you’re the most devoted MEGA SHARK fan around, we’ll fly you to our set, put you up for two nights, and feature you getting killed by Mega Shark in the film!


That’s right, prove your fan mettle and win a walk-on role in the upcoming film, complete with a death scene. You’ll also get to meet the stars, see the studio, pick up some Asylum swag, and have an all-around great time here in L.A.

How do you prove you’re the biggest fan? Just email us evidence, in photographic or video format, of something outrageous you’ve done to show your love of MEGA SHARK, to, plus a description of what you did and why you’re the biggest fan. That’s it!

Now, you don’t have to get a full back tattoo, or any other bodily alteration, to prove your devotion. We will consider ANY form of MEGA SHARK love: outrageous pieces of installation art, original stage productions, recorded songs, extravagant theme parties, shark-shaped shrubbery, a top-to-bottom home renovation…you get the idea. If you love MEGA SHARK, and we love the way you love it, you’ll get to be in the film.

If you or anyone you know has created or done something that you think we’ll love, send us an email with a description and pictures and we’ll decide who is the biggest Megafan!

Only one lucky fan will die a bloody death onscreen (come on, you know what our budgets are), but the first three runners-up will receive special prizes, and the next five runners-up will get a first release of MEGA SHARK 3 on DVD. We will also feature other great submissions here and on Facebook, so don’t think your entry is too small or has no chance of getting in. We want to see everything you guys have done, seriously.


Submit all entries with photographic or video evidence, contact information, and a brief description of why you’re the biggest and most deserving fan via email to anytime from the moment you read this until 5pm PST on July 30.

Don’t be late, and don’t forget to read the rules below. Entries that do not follow the guidelines will be summarily discarded.


If you have a question, suggestion, or grievance, email and I will do my best to sort it out. Be warned, though: these rules are firm.


Good luck! We look forward to meeting one of you in a few weeks.





CONTEST RULES: The Fine Print.






The Global Asylum, Inc. is the sponsor of the Mega Shark Fan contest (“Contest”) and the sales agent (“Agent”) of “Mega Shark 3″ (the “Picture”), a feature-length motion picture, seeking submission by members of the public of their proof that he/she is the biggest fan of the title character Mega Shark. Only submissions conforming to these rules,, based on Agent’s judgment, as it determines in its sole discretion, will be eligible for consideration in the Contest.

The Contest will consist of determining the biggest fan of Mega Shark. First prize will be a round-trip flight to the Los Angeles area (if the contestant lives more than 150 miles from downtown Los Angeles), two night stay in a hotel, and a visit to the set where the winner will be filmed for inclusion in the upcoming Mega Shark 3. The first three (3) runners up will receive special prizes and the next five (5) runners up will each receive a first release DVD copy of Mega Shark 3. If the production is unable to be completed due to forces beyond Agent’s control, such as cancellation or a guild strike, Agent reserves the right not to award any or all of the prizes set forth above.


1. Persons wishing to enter may send their submission(s) via email to Submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. See section VI for information on deadlines.

2. All submissions become the sole property of Agent and may be used in any manner, commercial or otherwise, in any and all media and/or technologies now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe in perpetuity.

3. Entrants are responsible for all fees incurred through their electronic device associated with participation in this Contest. Please consult your service provider for details regarding your message & data plan(s). Entrant understands and agrees his/her submission may receive exposure on and/or and/or other websites, platforms and media as Agent determines in its sole discretion and may be subjected to comments and popularity ratings from the public at large. Agent is not responsible in any manner for any critical or derogatory remarks posted by the public pertaining to an entrant or an entrant’s submitted material.

4. Agent reserves the right to edit and/or alter any submission in Agent’s sole discretion.

5. Agent’s decisions regarding all Contest matters are final and non-appealable. All submissions are subject to the terms of these rules and all entrants agree to be bound by these rules and Agent’s decisions. Agent reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend these rules at any time and Agent will post the revised rules on this site. The rules in effect at whatever time the submission is judged will apply regardless of submission date.

6. Agent is not responsible for Internet system and hardware failures; delayed, incomplete or unsuccessful transmission of video or other entry information; technical malfunctions of any kind; human error; information loss and downtime; or any costs, losses, liability or damages resulting from any such failures. In the event of any such technical difficulty, malfunction or error, Agent reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take such actions as it deems appropriate in keeping with the fairness and integrity of the Contest, including without limitation a determination to take no action.


1. Employees of The Global Asylum, Inc. and any parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies and anyone involved in the production or administration of the Contest and/or the Picture, as well as the immediate family/same household members of any of the foregoing individuals are not eligible to enter or to win any prizes. “Immediate family members” shall mean parents, step-parents, children, step-children, grandchildren, step-grandchildren, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses, regardless of where they live. “Household members” shall mean people who share the same residence at least three (3) non-consecutive months a year, whether related or not.

2. The Contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C. and Canada, excluding Quebec, and to active members of the United States Armed Forces who are deployed abroad (excluding such persons who are otherwise legal residents of and/or deployed in the geographical areas listed below) and their immediate family members residing with them. Void in Quebec, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and other U.S. territories and possessions, and where prohibited or restricted by law.

3. Agent reserves the right to at any time implement new eligibility criteria and/or modify existing eligibility criteria, including, without limitation, geographical and age restrictions.

4. Entrant must be 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry. Written parental consent will be required for who are not of the age of majority in their state of domicile for their entries to be considered.

5. Each Entrant acknowledges and agrees that competing submissions may or may not have received exposure in any or all types of media, including without limitation social media sites, news, and entertainment sites (collectively, the “Media”) prior to their submission to Agent. Entrant understands, agrees and assumes the risk of any such Media exposure of competing submissions, whether or not commensurate with that of their own submissions. Entrant explicitly acknowledges and agrees that the Releases given by entrant shall cover any claim, expense or liability arising from or relating to such Media contact or exposure, or the lack thereof.

6. Each entrant acknowledges and agrees that his/her submission may or may not receive exposure in any or all types of media, including without limitation social media sites, news, and entertainment sites (collectively, the “Media”), that competing submissions may receive more or less exposure in the Media subsequent to submission to Agent, and that Agent and/or third parties may initiate, assist or cooperate with Media requests or exposure in connection with any submission(s). Entrant understands, agrees and assumes the risk that Media exposure of his/her submission, if any, may not be the same or commensurate with that of other competing submissions. Entrant explicitly acknowledges and agrees that the Releases given by entrant shall cover any claim, expense or liability arising from or relating to such Media contact or exposure, or the lack thereof.

7. All entrants grant to Agent the ownership rights in any visual medium submitted and the right to use such person’s name, voice and likeness in any manner, commercial or otherwise, and in any and all media and/or technologies whether now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe and in perpetuity, including, without limitation, for promotional and advertising purposes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and without limitation of the rights granted to Producer, the submission of a video or any other tangible media constitutes the entrant’s permission to use the video (or other media) and the name, voice and likeness of the entrant, as well as the entrant’s representation that he/she has obtained all necessary permissions and approvals to use the media and the name, voice and likeness of all persons appearing in the video or other media, in and in connection with the Picture and any and all other exploitations thereof or otherwise, including, without limitation, for advertising and promotional purposes, in all media and/or technologies, now known or hereinafter created.

8. Each submission must be solely the original work of entrant/submitter.

9. Each entrant represents that his/her submission does not infringe on any third party’s copyrighted material trademark or other intellectual property rights, or privacy or publicity rights.

10. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to release, discharge, defend and hold harmless Agent as well as any parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies and each of their respective licensees, assigns, officers, directors, employees, members, partners, agents and representatives, from and against any claim, expense or liability arising from or related to submission, exhibition or exploitation of the entry, participation in this Contest, or otherwise and/or acceptance or use or misuse of any prize (including any travel or production services related thereto).

11. Each entrant agrees that his/her participation and submission shall be governed by and construed under and in accordance with the laws of the United States and of the State of California applicable to contracts entered into and wholly performed therein. Each entrant consents and agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the federal and state courts of the State of California, located in the County of Los Angeles.

12. Illegal acts, including, but not limited to, unlawful graffiti, destruction of property without permission, theft, trespassing, or any other crime or misdemeanor are ineligible and will not be considered.

13. All submissions must include contact information including your full legal name, home address, viable telephone number, email address, and a link to your website or Facebook if possible.


1. Submissions will be judged by Agent’s staff and is utterly subject to their whims, opinions, and summary judgments in determining who is the biggest Mega Fan of Mega Shark.


1. Prizes will be awarded promptly to Contest winners when available, provided they certify and establish to Agent’s satisfaction that they have complied with the official rules and signed all necessary Releases and any other forms as determined by Agent.

2. Winners of any prize are solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes.

3. If the anticipated production of the Picture is not commenced or completed for any reason, including without limitation as a result of force majeure or labor dispute, Agent reserves the right to terminate, suspend and/or modify the competition, award the prizes by any other means Agent deems appropriate, and/or limit, reduce or not award the announced prizes.

4. If mailing address and/or contact information for the entrant is no longer valid, Agent is not responsible for delivery of any prize.


1. The deadline date for the Contest is 5:00 p.m. PST on July 30, 2013. All submissions must be received by Agent on or before the deadline date to be eligible for inclusion in the Contest.


1. All entrants agree to sign general Releases and other documents in the form provided by Agent or be eliminated from consideration and declared ineligible to win any prize. Releases will include, among other things, a statement that the submissions were the exclusive property of the entrant(s) at the time they were submitted.




Jul 12, 2013 in Headline, News, Other

A gray morning dawns over Los Angeles as our fair city’s shell-shocked citizens try to pick up the pieces left by last night’s SHARKNADO. Our collective mind has been blown, utterly. This event, and I do not say this lightly, will be forever branded on our cultural consciousness.


The Internet is littered with flotsam and jetsam left by the storm: memes, reviews, recaps, a Photoshopped image of “SharkNader,” a potential Damon Lindelof sequel…and I’m going to do my best to collect and deposit them here!


Welcome to the ULTIMATE SHARKNADO POST-GAME GUIDE, The Asylum’s omnibus of the best (and probably also worst) Sharknado reaction material. I will post more and more as the day goes on, so keep an eye on us.





NY Mag: “‘Sharknado’ in Five GIFs”

The Hollywood Reporter: “How many victims did ‘Sharknado’ claim?”


NBC TODAY Show: “A Dramatic ‘Sharknado’ Reading”

The Main Damie: “5 Things We Learned from ‘Sharknado’”

Warming Glow: “An Important Discussion about ‘Sharknado’”



TIME: “Perfect Storm: The Genius of ‘Sharknado’”

Entertainment Weekly: “Another Syfy disaster film gone horribly right”

The New York Post: “This is why they invented cable TV.”

L.A. Times: “’Sharknado’ keeps TV real”

Salon: “’Sharknado’ saves the summer!”

The A.V. Club: “A”

The New Yorker: “We Watched ‘Sharknado’”

Paste Magazine: Sharknado does what it’s supposed to do better than almost all of its peers.”

E! Online: “Oh, you didn’t watch Sharknado, Syfy’s latest made-for-TV movie? Do you feel like the nerd at the sleepover who fell asleep first?”

New York Daily News: “If you miss it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

Washington Post: “Your must-see summer movie”



The New York Times: “‘Sharknado’ Tears Up Twitter”

TMZ: “Tara Reid is ‘down for a SHARKNADO sequel!’”

NY Mag: “Chumming the Waters”

Rolling Stone: “’Sharknado’ Washes Over Twitter”

L.A. Times: “’Sharknado’ creates a social media storm”

The Hollywood Reporter: “‘Sharknado’ Draws More Tweets than Game of Thrones Wedding Episode” 

CNN: “’Sharknado hijacks Twitter”

The New Yorker: “The Number: Zero”

GQ: “The Company Behind ‘Sharknado’”

Yahoo: “‘Sharknado’ Hits California Hard, Internet Even Harder”

USA Today: “Celebs dish about ‘Sharknado’”

Mother Jones: “Can ‘Sharknado’ really happen?”/”A movie for our times”




The Hollywood Reporter: “’Sharknado’ director on secrets, sequels and success of the social media sensation”; “‘Sharknado producers want Damon Lindelof, Johnny Depp for potential sequel”

io9: “’We asked the writer of ‘Sharknado’ some very serious questions”

Reddit: Director Anthony C. Ferrante and Line Producer Devin Ward: Ask Us Anything!

BuzzFeed: “‘Sharknado’ Director Speaks: ‘I’m sitting here kind of numb.’”

Assignment X: “Jaason Simmons is Not in Kansas Anymore”

Bloomberg Market Makers: Paul Bales in “The Big Business of Low-Budget Films”



The Adam Carolla Show: Ian Ziering and Anthony Ferrante 7/15/13


Not Dead

Jun 13, 2013 in Headline, News, Other

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted anything here in a very long time. Between poking sticks at tigers, reading our fan mail, and producing two crappy movies a month, I just haven’t had the time it takes to come up with these little gems.

So, I’ve hired someone to do it for me.

Meet Marie Bertonneau, our new Social Media and Marketing Coordinator.

marie_bane.pngIn addition to updating our website, she’ll be posting on Facebook and Twitter, acting as liaison with reviewers and media, and interracting with our “fans.”

Be nice to her. Despite her villainous appearance, she’s very nice and she’s not responsible for the movies we make.

Save your vitriol for Latt.

Please join me in welcoming Marie to The Asylum family.

I look forward to seeing what she does with the site.

Now, if only I could understand why she talks with a weird accent…

The Asylum at The Con

Jul 11, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

The Asylum will be sharing a booth with Arcana Comics at the 2012 San Diego Comic Convention this week.

You can read our press release here and see our schedule of events during the convention.

If you’re in San Diego, come by and visit.

Latt needs stalkers.

Breaking News: Download the Updated Schedule:


One of the Many Reasons Richard Schenkman is Better than Traci Lords

May 19, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

Movie Morlocks Interview about ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES.

Thanks Richard!

One of the Many Reasons Jaleel White is Better Than Traci Lords

Apr 27, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

White says ‘Crocosaurus’ role led to ‘Blackout’ gig

I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s nice to hear.

Thanks, Jaleel, and good luck with the new show!