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I Speak Too

Mar 29, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

I can’t let Latt and Rimawi have all the fun:

CNN Outfront

From the Set: Adopting Terror

Mar 26, 2012 in Headline, News, Other, Releases

The first stills from ADOPTING TERROR are now available here.

Sean Astin and Samaire Armstrong star as a couple who adopt a baby only to learn that the child’s biological father will stop at nothing to get her back. Monet Mazur, Brendan Fehr, and Michael Gross also star in this tense thriller, which will premiere on Lifetime Television after a limited theatrical run.

Watch ADOPTING TERROR on April 7, 2012 at 9 pm EST only on Lifetime.


Rimawi Speaks

Mar 25, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

The Asylum founding partner, David Rimawi, will be a panelist at the IFTA Production Conference on April 20, 2012, where he will give away all our secrets.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area you might want to attend this event as David is almost never allowed in public.

More information about the event is here.

Puck Daddy Hearts Mega Shark

Mar 23, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

My wife is a rabid hockey fan (“Let’s go Rangers”) and her friends from Northern California sent me this link (it’s about 35 seconds in):

Yahoo Sports

Thanks, Jess and Dan!

Behind the Safety Card in Your Seatback Pocket…

Mar 16, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

If you’re not going to be flying on American Airlines this month, you’ll miss this great story in the American Way magazine about Syfy movies, featuring our very own David Michael Latt.

And that’s a lot better than actually having to sit on an airplane next to our very own David Michael Latt



The Upside: The Asylum Pays for Pre-School

Mar 09, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

Traci Lords in the Huffington Post.

I will never watch five minutes of one of her porn films again!


The World Rips Off The Asylum Again

Feb 08, 2012 in Headline, News, Other

Russia reaches lake under Antarctica

No mention of Nazis… but I’m sure they’re just hiding that part of the discovery.

End of Year Odds and Ends

Dec 20, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

As 2011 comes to a close, we’d like to thank everyone for helping make this the best year in the history of The Asylum.

Before I head off to spend time with family on the east coast (“slow and steady drinking, slow and steady drinking”), I thought I’d share some various links and postings that we’ve been collecting over the last few weeks:

Here’s an Interview with Liz Adams, writer/director of the upcoming AIR COLLISION.

Some reviews of 11/11/11 and A HAUNTING IN SALEM.

And a fun one for BORN BAD from the Movie Boozer.

Here’s a site in case you need another forum to talk shit about us.

Proof that even big networks sometimes use clips without permission (but that’s okay… any publicity is good publicity, right?)

When they aren’t busy poaching our production staff, Funny or Die even mentions us.

Mega Shark can never die.

 They still publish Rolling Stone?

And let’s close 2011 with some hate mail:

I’m sending this email in hopes that the folks at The Asylum will remember that they, too, are human beings. Please, for the love of all that is holy, can you cease making such incredibly shitty films? You guys are parasites, living off of the success of more talented and competent filmmakers. As soon as Hollywood releases a film and it makes big bucks, you guys immediately release another film with a similar title that’s a horrifically terrible knock-off. I mean, if you’re going to rip everyone off, at least make films that don’t suck this bad. Your graphics department looks like it’s composed entirely of three-year-old finger-painters. Seriously, I can’t suspend disbelief THAT MUCH to believe any of your on-screen “creatures” are real. It ruins the entire viewing experience if the entire time I’m thinking to myself “it looks like a blind autistic child made these graphics.” I mean, how much money could you possibly be making with these films? I don’t know a single person that runs to the video store to buy an Asylum release. In fact, most people I know only rent your films by mistake thinking they are the big-budget films you rip off. Is that your marketing strategy or something? Seriously, guys, give it up. You obviously were never meant to be in the film business. Your pictures suck, plain and simple.
Regards, Kevin Johnson

Enjoy your holidays everyone!

See you in 2012… the 15th Anniversary of The Asylum (sorry, Kevin…).


Mega Shark 3?

Nov 20, 2011 in Headline, News, Other

A fan sent us this link to a petition he started to convince us to make a third MEGA SHARK film:

Mega Shark Petition

I don’t know… 71 people is kind of impressive… but I don’t know if we can green light a second sequel… yet.

What do you think?

Happy Halloween from The Asylum

Oct 31, 2011 in Headline, Other

One of these photos is the real Tiffany and Debbie and one is Courtney and Kala.

I can’t tell which is which either.

Just another day at The Asylum.

Have a great holiday!