Founded in 1997, The Asylum is a motion picture production, financing, and worldwide distribution studio. With facilities in Burbank, California, The Asylum fully finances and produces 10-15 titles per year and its North American home entertainment division has released over three hundred titles to date.

People in the Asylum
Profile David Michael Latt Partner/Production
David Latt is responsible for production and marketing. As a filmmaker, he has won over two dozen awards for his directorial and promotional work, and is a guest lecturer at festivals and industry events world-wide. View David's IMDB Profile
Profile David Rimawi Partner/Sales and Distribution
In addition to handling worldwide sales and distribution, David Rimawi has acted as executive producer, supervised post production, and developed the home entertainment marketing campaign for each of The Asylum releases. View David's IMDB Profile
Profile Paul Bales Partner/Administration and Operations
The newest Partner at The Asylum, Paul Bales handles the day-to-day operations of the company, administration and finance, and domestic sales. View Paul's IMDB Profile
Profile Lisa Ries Post Production Sound Assistant
Profile Mark Quod Post Production Supervisor
Profile David Courtice Post Production/International Servicing Supervisor
Profile Joe Lawson Visual Effects Supervisor
Profile Kala Guess Distribution Coordinator
Profile Micho Rutare Director of Development View Micho's IMDB Profile
Profile Courtney Hagen Administrative Assistant

The Asylum
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Finance and Accounting

Post Production Supervisor

Post Production and International Servicing

Post Production Sound

Partner/Production Executive

Visual Effects Supervisor

Partner/Worldwide Sales and Strategic Planning