Subject: Really Appreciate Your Films, Great Work!

Ha-ha, just kidding fuckhead, "The Asylum" is a piece of shit C-Movie company that markets trash made in 2 minutes, and releases immediately to try and get people buying it thinking it's the actual real film, instead they get shit. I would be embarrassed to work for a blockbuster rip-off company like yours and you all should go get a life ugly bastard's. Your movies SUCK DICK, and they are only good as hard comedeys. zyou all should go die gay fuckers. LMAO! "The Davinci Treasure" and the Pirates of the Carribean shit, 1990's lookin rip off! And what's up with the SHITY-ass cover art...MY GOD, it looks so fucking dumb, it's hilarious, you poor company of rip off shit. Have a nice day bitch turds. Have fun ripping of Dark Knight, and Quantam of Solace, REAL MOVIES unlike your shit! LMFAO!!!

Subject: Your numerous films

I have taken the time to view each description of your films fully, and have come to the conclusion that they are all clearly variations on allready box office hits. Is this intentional by any chance, are you attempting to ammuse people through your films, or are you just searching for a way to earn easy money?

Either way, I, and many others, am appauled at your lack of respect for the film industry. I am sure you can conjour your own film ideas, that I'm also sure will be fairly succesful, however, the films you have made so far, are clearly, if you excuse the term "rip-off's".

I hope this e-mail, will influence you enough, to stop stealing other peoples creative ideas.

Yours sincerely

Enraged protestor


Subject: About Asylum Productions?

Hey I have a real bugger of a question about Asylum productions?   When I watch an Asylum movie an I have seen like two in the past month, one was Alien VS Hunter and the other was Monster, I also see the Asylum Icon and I hear the Asylum pitch telling me I am watching an Asylum movie.  Can I ask you what i being said, when I hear something and see the Icon right before a movie starts?  If you want to know why, I want to know,, it is because it sounds like something my baby parakeets said, but that must be outrageous to think that so I might as well ask I think, please?

Subject: Quick Question

How do you not get sued by the major movie company's ?

Just about every movie you have made appears to be a rip off of some big Hollywood movie ! I was wondering do you have a crack legal squad or just send hookers to the office of any lawyers attempting to sue you ?

Also i noticed many of the females in your movies are rather hot, if any of them are single could you pass their numbers on to me ?

Thanks in advance

Subject: Movies I rented


 i am writing you concering two movies i rented a blockbuster video in (deleted). one is called MONSTER and the other 30,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. since neither one of the movies has little or nothing to do with the reviews on the back of the pack;reason i rented them ;i would like very much to be refunded at least 5.00 of the rental price.

30,000 leagues under the sea has little or nothing to do with all with 20,000 leagues under the sea,nor was it ANYTHING like it.i believe i saw your captain NEMO as a backup greeter at walmart. as for MONSTER, my ex mother -in - law could have played that part better.there is nothing like watching a movie that goes blank every two mins or so.i promise that i will look at the packages more closely from now on so i wont pick up any more of the ASYLUM brand movies. please sumit a  in the amount of 5.00 that should cover the cost since i did try to watch some of each. thank you for your time and good luck on future movies.if you keep trying your bound to find a few writers that can put a good movie together,wihout deceiving the renters .