I've been a huge fan of The Asylum for several years now. I discovered your company completely by accident when I came across one The Day the Earth Stopped on Netflix. I've since seen eight or nine of your movies, and enjoyed them all. A few of my favorites include:

The Day the Earth Stopped
Princess of Mars
30,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I've even converted a few friends/family members into Asylum fans, and in a good way. I'm planning on watching Airline Disaster later tonight.

While at the moment I'm not in a great financial situation, as soon as things even out a bit I plan to buy whatever Asylum films I can afford to help support you in the future.

I'm glad to see you don't waste your time on those idiots who have nothing better to do than harass you. Most of the "reviews" I see on sites like Netflix all say they shut off the movie after five minutes. Oh yes, that definitely gives you enough ground to say a movie is trash. All they ever look for in a movie is a 100 million special effects budget and their favorite actors from the tabloids.

What you're able to do with the budget you often have to work with is absolutely amazing. Obviously since there isn't a giant paycheck in it for everybody the actors who sign up care enough about the script and movie to spend their time on it. Plus you have regulars who come back to do future films, which shows how much they enjoy working with/for you.

Keep up the great work, and I'm looking forward to what 2011 brings. ^_^

- J.G.


Dear The Asylum,

I appreciate your company!  I have only seen one of your movies and it was Mega Piranha.  It was amazing.  I love Tiffany.
Mockbusters are probably the most entertaining type of movie and I don't think they disgrace the film industry at all, they just liven it up.

I am super excited to see all the VS movies.

Thank you for making these outrageously entertaining films and never stop pumping them out.
Don't ever change.

From a huge fan


Asylum Films are fucking awesome so dont listen to those jealous people. They only wish they could make films half as good as yours are. The Mega Shark Franchise is the best fucking franchise since the ORIGINAL star wars trilogy cuz the second trilogy sucked. Keep on making awesome movies.

Your College Fan


Dear asylum, I am actually writing to say thank you for the movies you make. I watch them whenever i can, the last one i watched was Moby Dick 2010 and it was a heck of a lot of fun.  It was good to see Renée O'Connor in a movie again i have been a huge fan of Xena since high school and always thought she was wonderful also Barry Bostwick was kick ass with that line about striking the sun. Anyway I've seen lot's of your movies and they never fail to entertain.   Thank you very much for making them.

                                                       A Big Fan-Joe Voegele

         P.S.- The Day the Earth Stopped was way better and more original then The Day the Earth Stood Still, better written and yes better acted.  You guys are number 1 in my book keep making strange weird and exciting movies forever please and thank you.


I guess I'm guilty as charged for bugging staff members. The only difference is my expressing appreciation and wishes/pitches for future films.

Would you please add a message board for the site? It would be fun to see what other fans think, plus any overzealous critiques would be open for proper public ridicule!

And keep up the great work! Almighty Thor looks like your best yet!!!!


PS. Gulliver's Travels sucked hard... Would you do one? I bet if Gulliver was a giant guido/alien on Earth, washed up on the Jersey Shore, you have some pretty interesting comedic possibilities!


Hey guys. Love your work. My daughter and I love the low budget films and really dig the whole, "this is entertainment let's make fun of it" concept. We're totally into zombie flicks. The lower budget and cornyer (if that's a word) the better. There's nothing that can be done at this point yet wanted to point something out about "bloody bill". Just like the jason movies, part of the fun is the body count. In bloody biil, we clearly saw many "zombies" shot in the head. The count on the towns sign did not reflect that. It kinda ruined it for us. Well, not really. We still dug the whole concept and the acting was a lot better then some of the other stuff we've seen. (Bad acting isn't always bad in our book).:) Anyway, just wanted to say kudo's for a couple of hours of entertainment and damn wish we coulda had a better "body-count system". What do I know? I play trumpet. I will say I am going to look into more of your films regardless. We need more "honest" blow it out there stuff. This high dollar hollywood crap that's made "so perfect" simply is not for us. Therefore, thanks for the film and I hope anyone actually reads this crap we send in.
Jon Trimble

Ps....20 minutes left of bloody bill. We're rooting for bill. Can the bad guy win every once in awhile? We'll have to wait to see. Thanks:)